Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Interesting, How Very Interesting!

When I first met Avis at the Tatting Workshop in Bethel this past weekend, she said something very interesting to me. "Dee," she said, "don't you find it interesting that you need the Internet to find your neighbor?"

She went on to explain that she had been searching and searching for local crocheters in her area for quite some time with no apparent luck. Then she joined our ConnecticutCrochet yahoo group and instantly found one less than a mile from her home! Now they're considering driving up to Danbury to attend their first Happily Hooked on Crocheting Club meeting this weekend!

Of course, she is so right! There are many times the Internet has played a key roll in my meeting up other crocheters too! {VBG}

I wanted to create a poll to see how many of us have found our "neighbors" this way -- via the Internet but that option is currently not available.  If you found a local crocheting buddy via the Internet, please share your story.  If you haven't yet found one, but could choose someone, anyone in the world, to be your crocheting buddy, who would that person be?  (It can be someone from the past, present, or future.)


Anonymous said...

I found one crocheter living near me when I lived in Ohio, but I had a feeling that I would soon be moving when I found her, so I never contacted her.

I'd love to have my grandmothers as crocheting buddies!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

I have "met" several people in my local area through the Internet, but have only met in person with a couple of them. One is now a really good crochet friend whom I actually met in WalMart, but she recognized my website name. The other I met by accident at the courthouse - again, she recognized my web site URL which was on the shirt I was wearing. LOL So I guess it is my web site that is known, not me. LOL

A few years ago I met a lady who lives about an hour away from me. We have never met in person, but keep in touch periodically through e-mail and through our shared interest in charity efforts.

I did meet one person over the Internet many years ago and we arranged a meeting, but we lost contact soon after and I never saw her again.

The Internet has opened up the crochet/knitting world tremendously. So much is available for learning, for sharing, and so many more people are helped through combined efforts. It is wonderful to be able to share like this with others of like mind.

Anonymous said...

I litterally met my neighbor through ebay!! She purchased one of my items for her daughter and asked if it could be picked up instead of mailed. Turns out she lived 2 DOORS DOWN! We have since become great friends, and yes....I did teach her to crochet!

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