Friday, March 21, 2008

still not quite myself

As you can see, I'm still not quite myself (thanks for the pic, Haley!).  I feel like my head weighs as much as a city bus due to congestion.  This means that I have not been able to be on the computer much to reply to emails, join in all the reindeer fun, or do some actual crocheting. 

Fortunately I have managed to write my piece for the "Crochet Connections" column (if you are a CGOA member with Internet access, this column is part of the eNews you receive), and I have been doodling various concept ideas for the Helping Hands Auction that will take place at the Conference this summer -- pretty much stuff I can do laying down.

I've also been entertaining myself by enjoying a new Crocheting & Tatting booklet  published in 1916 by Coats & Clark I had won from an ebay auction (yes, I know it's not NEW, but it is NEW to me, and it totally rocks!), as well as reading various crochet books dating back to the late 1970s that I had borrowed from my local library last week.  And sleeping.  Yes, lots of sleep!  This should teach me not to gloat!  :\


Anonymous said...

Feel better reallllllll soon, Dee!  Hate to hear that you're sick.

Love the pic! :)

Wow!  An antique crochet book!  Lucky you!  Any major differences in patterns back then from how they are today, other than style?

Drink lotsa fluids and get plenty of rest!


Anonymous said...

PS - I'm always looking for your name in anything I get from CGOA!  

Anonymous said...

Hope you are soon feeling more yourself! Take care.