Saturday, November 17, 2007

Greetings from A Stitch In Time

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I love being a Crochet Teacher; passing on the joy of crochet gives me great pleasure. Today I'll be teaching the basics of the granny square, a technique that is part of our American history when the West was settled. In awaiting for the class to begin I decided to look around to see I can find more "dinosaur" colored yarns. I did. I found some delicious wool sock yarn by Koigu called "KPM.". I purchased two colorways and hope to use them to create my own dinosaur bookmark pattern later this afternoon.

I think the interesting part of all this "dinosaur" pattern hunting comes the joy of discussing with Dee Jr. What we do know about the history of dinosaurs. We may know what their body shapes looked like, but do we really know what color they were? Mini~Dee thinks they could have possibly been pink and/or purple -- hey, you never know, right? There are no eye witnesses! I didn't select pink or purple colored yarn, but I did think about it! What color would you choose to crochet your dinosaurs with?


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