Thursday, May 10, 2007

Woolhoo: I Won!

I love contests, and having had several here at, I do love the reactions of the "OMG! Me?!!" and "Whoohoo(s)!" when I announce the winners.  Now it's my turn to be on the receiving end! {{VBG}}

Since writing my blog entry about the Connecticut Sheep & Wool Fiber Festival, I've been curious what others thought about it too.  To find out, I used the Technorati website/search engine to find other blog entries using key words like "CT Sheep & Wool" and "Connecticut Sheep & Wool."  Delightfully, I found several all stating the same thing as I did -- that it's not a big event, but it is one worth checking out (and whetting the appetite for the much larger Sheep & Wool events).

So in exploring all the blogs I saw one blog had announced they were having a contest -- it was one of the vendors!  The contest stated to send them an email and tell them what color the building was that they were in at the recent CT Sheep & Wool.  I decided to give it a try, and not only was my answer correct, but then when they did a random drawing of all the correct responses -- I won!  Whoohoo!  Check out what I picked as my prize: "
Dark amber flat disc buttons with subtly shimmering heathery swirls" hand made by Glastonbury Glassworks!    Woolhoo indeed!  :D
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Anonymous said...

Fantastic you deserve to win:) congrats. Sherri

Anonymous said...


BTW, you've been tagged!!!! Go to my blog for more information on the game: