Monday, May 7, 2007

Gardening Daydreams

The children and I visited our local nursery to pick out various items to grow in our re-claimed garden bed.  As we strolled around looking at everything from seed packets to bricks (and everything in-between!) I allowed my mind to daydream just a bit about exploring two crochet theme categories:  one is mac-cro-mé (the blending of crochet and macramé), and the other crocheted veggies.

First, I was thinking that the mac-cro-mé  might come in handy in creating a sort of trellis for when the tomatoes grow big and heavy.  Of course since the plants are only a few inches high, exploring these thoughts can wait a bit.  I decided to let my thoughts wonder over to the other category: crocheted veggies.

Growing items by seed or startlings can be quite rewarding.  But, being one that has not quite acquired a totally green thumb yet, I know I'm going to need all the help I can get in determining what is planted where -- and what is and what is not a weed.  So, I was thinking that perhaps some crocheted veggies might work well as a "labeling" system.  (Surely I am not alone in thinking this, right?) I was thinking a crocheted
carrot, corn, tomatoes, eggplant, squash and so on, would look great, and if made out of cotton, would last a few seasons (and might I add, also be machine washable for winter storage).  Of course something like the veggies created by LadyLinoleum could also be helpful in keeping an "eye" on the deer & birds who might want to munch on my tender plantlings & fruits of labor ...

... but thanks to Astaryth, I just might want to also 
keep a snake around too, you know, to keep tabs on the field mice population ...

Whatever I decide, I know it will feel great to have the crochet hook back in my hands ... just a few more days ... just a few more days ...  :D

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Anonymous said...

Oh! Oh! I'm famous!! Glad you liked the little snake.