Saturday, May 26, 2007

On the Mend & Surprises

I love surprises.  As I've been recuperating from this stomach virus it was great to hear Mr. Dee announce that I had received a package in the mail.  I had to think back if there was anything I had recently ordered: Herrshners had a yarn sale, so did PatternworksAnniesAttic is having a huge sale, and Joanns is too. Did I bid on a new crochet hook, or pattern on eBay? Having recalled no recent shopping excursions I was even more excited about the package.

"Who is it from?" I asked him.  I wondered if it could be an advanced copy of a new book (coming out sometime in August) that some of my patterns will be in.  Guessing is always half the fun!

"It says  it's from 'Stein,'" he said as he handed me the package.

I looked at the return address and shouted, "IT'S FROM GUIDO!!"  OMG! This was a wonderful surprise!  Like a kid in a candy store getting the green light to eat whatever candy they wanted, I quickly opened up the package; all grins.

Guido, my pal from
It's a Purlman, surprised me with the following goodies: a bag from the Boston "Bazaar Bizarre" and two books to help further inspire me with my knitting adventures: "Vogue Knitting Beginner Basics (on the go!) and "Knitting Rules" by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, aka "The Yarn Harlot."

Thank you, Guido!  This was a great way to end this week!  I've already started reading Stephanie's book and love the following excerpt:

"If you find a non-knitter who thinks what you do is clever, beautiful, and artistic; who never asks for knitted stuff but wears it with pride when you give it to him or her; and will help you carry home a whole fleece or stack of stitch dictionaries without once implying that you might want to get a grip -- marry that person."

I'm one of those lucky people who married such a "non-knitter."  Not only will he do all that, but he'll also endure making special trips to my favorite Chinese restaurant to buy me all the wonton soup I hanker for when I'm under the weather.  Tonight, however, he was more delighted that I asked for solid food -- the first time since Wednesday.   ;)

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