Monday, May 21, 2007

Confession Time!

Forgive me; it's been, what? Four days, no, it's been five days since my last blog entry, and just about as many days of not responding to the many, many emails sitting in my IN box. This is because it's been a bit busy here at the CrochetWithDee household, and none of it (brace yourself!) 500 nations has been crochet related. Egads! Yes, I know! I know! I'm already feeling the shame -- and the twitch -- of not working up one single crochet stitch. Ack!

We, my family and I, took some time off to enjoy life.  Our initial plan was to visit Rhode Island and go sailing along the coast.  But with weather forecasted to be wet & raw, we decided to hold off on that idea.  Instead we enjoyed spending time in the "Last Green Valley" -- a beautiful sight to see, and visited the Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center.

One thing I learned from the Museum is what the Indians used as thread/string. Seemingly pretty gross but inventive if you ask me, is that it was made of animal intestines (otherwise they used thin strips of leather). Did the thought to crochet with intestines ever come in to my mind?  No!  But, if I were stuck for 39 days on some "Survivor TV Show" and had to, well now, that just might be a different story. heh heh heh

So, for now, I'm going to finish unpacking, get my crochet hook out and whip something up -- I've got that itch to get some stitches going! -- and to get us back to our regular blog postings.


itsmemaven said...

I've been to the Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center, and it is truly a wonderful museum. I'd love to go back there and learn more about their heritage and artistry.

haleyzim2 said...

Welcome back!!  We missed you.  Glad you had some well deserved family time - sounds like you guys had a blast.  Speak to you soon! Haley