Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Going Green, Cont.

I am under the weather from a horrible stomach virus today and felt the need to cancel tomorrow's crochet class in Westport.  (The color green is a great metaphor of how I'm feeling.)  In the meantime, Christy had sent me an email about her "Going Green" crochet project, and with her blessing I've decided to post it as today's entry:

A few years ago I ran into the same problem with finding a replacement bag for my clothes pins. So...I used the same wire the original ripped bag was on. Tore it all off and used a double strand of multi-colored red heart. I used one of my Tunisian hooks and did a TSS for the hole thing. Nothing fancy..but it's held up for about 3-4 years now with minimal fading. I included a pic so you see my "green "creation. Oh the hooks you made at the conference. the larger one is an L (8MM). Thanks for letting me share my "green" creation. Amazing what we mom's can come up with in a pinch and with a little bit a yarn and a whole lot of imagination.

Christy and I met at the 2006 CGOA Conference and we're looking forward to seeing each other at this year's.  "TSS" stands for Tunisian Simple Stitch.  Thank you for sharing, Christy!!  :)  
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