Sunday, May 6, 2007

Roughing It

This weekend I have been outside with the family, working to reclaim our garden that we abandoned some 10 years ago. As we cut, yanked, pulled, and dug out roots to the world's toughest choker vines and weeds, I began to have thoughts of grabbing my largest crochet hook and crocheting the various vines into some unknown project.  I'm sure I could have, but with my tender hands now looking like they belong to a lumber jack, I quickly set those thoughts aside. Perhaps another day I'll explore crocheting with young timber, but not right now.

I've also had to place my crocheting with unspun silk onto the back burner because of how roughed-up my hands have become.  To do so right now would be pointless; the silk would just stick to my hands rather than become the whisper of stitches they desire to be.  So I'll need to wait at least a week before my hands are back to their normal  "tender" selves. 

In the meantime, Christy inquired as to where one would purchase Silk Hankies to crochet with.  Per my conversation with the folks from "
A Touch of Twist," the very same folks I purchased my silk hankies from at the CT Sheep & Wool Fiber Festival, they reported that they'll be at the CGOA Conference this summer.  However, I do not see them listed on the vendors list (yet), so those interested may want to contact them directly. 

I also checked on ebay.  If you do a search using keywords: "spin silk hankie" some listings should appear.  Christy also inquired about how much the hankies cost.  They're sold by weight, and you can get several "hankies" within a given "dye lot."  I bought several "dye lots" weighing .02 ounces for $1.44 each. (Note: the darker the color, the more the dye -- so you may not get as many hankies for a darker colored lot!)  Since I purchased my hankies at the Sheep & Wool Festival I did not have to absorb shipping costs.  (which BTW, the USPS is raising their shipping rates on May 14th!)

So, after I "deep condition" my hands tonight, I have plans of sketching various projects I have dancing in my head.  One is a bag that is being donated to the Helping Handbags Silent Auction to benefit the Needle Arts Mentoring Program of the Helping Hands Foundation, Inc.  The auction proceeds will go to the non-profit organization to help spread the needle arts all over America.  The other project I have planned is for the "crochet exchange" that takes place at the Conference.  This should be fun!  :D


Anonymous said...

Hey Dee, I am just starting my garden too! OK, now on to your hands...LOL (mine too).  I mix up a batch of olive oil and sugar (half to half) and scrub my dead skin, lumberjack hands, away.
Try it.  I have been using it all winter and I am also a server, so I know of what you speak ;)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Dee! I found some silk hankies on ebay and bought some! ~Christy