Friday, November 17, 2006

Resistance is Futile

I confess!  I couldn't help myself!  No matter how many times I said to myself that I wouldn't start another new project until I finished the 60 Scarves in 60 Days Challenge, that ends at the end of this month.  I, Dee the crochet addict did it: I started another project!  Resistance, so the Borg say as a "collective", is futile.  So rather than fight the urge, I gave into it.

But I don't think it was entirely my fault.  Doris had a hand in this!  She, by sending me her terrific new book, exposed this weakness I have!  I have been enjoying reading her book, "amazing crochet lace," so much that I have been unable to "abandon"it.  I've been taking it with me everywhere and reading it addictively like a high-suspense mystery novel.  And so it is that today I broke completely down, grabbed some Euro Gioco ribbon yarn I purchased at an awesome sale earlier this year (I purchased it for a whopping $2 a ball! What a bargain as it normally sells for $10!), grabbed my "J" hook and started the "farpoint topper" featured on page 90.

Now I know what you're thinking here, "But Dee, Doris wants you to use an 'N' hook and Lion Brand's 'Incredible' ribbon yarn!"  Yeah, I know!  But I don't have "Incredible" in my yarn stash (yet), so when you "gotta" crochet, you gotta!  ... and I'm loving the results!  I'm on round 13 of my first pentagram and love the "beaded" look the "ladder" ribbon is creating.  It's also working up very, very quickly!  And yes, I'm very much aware that there is a huge difference between using a large ribbon yarn with a large crochet hook vs. using a thinner ladder ribbon yarn with a smaller hook.  Thankfully I have experience in working with the ladder ribbon yarn or else I'd still be insanely itching to try one of Doris' patterns!

I figure that if I play my cards right (meaning if I can work this up on the sly), I should be able to complete it in a very short amount of time -- plenty of time to assemble, block, and wrap it up for MiniDee for Christmas!  I'm already picturing her wearing it over a white turtle neck with her favorite jeans:

Pentagram Motif in progress

The other "resistance is futile" moment came late last night -- AnniesAttic just had to send me an email announcing their fantastic year-end sale.  Now there's the anticipation of waiting for my order to arrive! ... And let's not even mention the new Herrshner's catalog that just arrived in the mail.  I'm so weak! LOL

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