Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hot Off The Hook

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with their friends & family; I know I sure did.  I've been busy crocheting scarves for the 60 Scarves in 60 Days drive (THERE IS STILL TIME FOR YOU TO PARTICIPATE TOO!), and this ...

This is from the new book, "amazing crochet lace," by Doris Chan that I have been raving so much about.  Taking into consideration the "pesky" fiber I opted to use [ladder ribbon] it worked up amazingly fast! I would like to share some of my notes about this project:
1. I used a different join technique. Instead of sewing I opted to crochet the sections together.
     A. The join between the body and the sleeves is a series of slip stitches and chains that decrease in number the closer I got to the shoulder. Once over the shoulder I slowly increased the number of chains again. This gives the effect of a lattice look that I do like. I think in using this joining technique it gives my daughter more "growing room."
     B.  In creating the sleeves, under the arm to the cuff is all slip stitched.  I then created a more prominent cuff by crocheting a few rows of single crochet stitches.  This also meant I had less ends to weave in when my project was completed.
2.  I decided the garment body needed a little more weight to help showcase the stitch design as the ladder ribbon is so light!  I therefore crocheted four rows of single crochet stitches around on the bottom.  The neckline has one additional row of single crochet stitches to give it a more finished look.
3.  The project took about 2 1/2 balls of  Euro Gioco ribbon worked up with a "J" 'Graydog' crochet hook (Graydog hooks are available on ebay only).  The end result is a garment that would fit a child in the size 6-12 range comfortably (my mannequin is a size 12)

All that is left for me to do is sew on a label and wrap it up -- even though my daughter watched me crochet it she thinks its a sample for one of the stores I teach at.  Sneaky of me, huh? :)

Note:  "Ladder Ribbon" gives both crocheters and knitters a run for their patience.  If you can work with a fairly easy tension and not mind that your hook may pick-up/drop partial portions of the ribbon (translation: slight frogging for correction will be needed from time to time) then do give it a try.  I LOVE the way this project worked up using it, and Doris' pattern was a pleasure!


astaryth said...

That is stunning!!! I'm sure your daughter is really going to love it....

terri7855 said...


I just love what you did with the pattern from Doris Chan.  I love her patterns, and can't wait to get this new book.  Thanks for posting a picture of the shawl.  I'm sure your daughter will love it.  


Winter Park, FL

shelleys38 said...

     Lucky Casey-- it is absolutely gorgeous !!!!  Can you bring it to class tomorrow for us to see ?  I think that i might like to make one sometime but not in the ladder yarn -- probably the ribbon yarn. I signed up yesterday-- leave for South America on Wed early am-- can't wait !!!
     Went on line for knot shops in Buenos Aires and found a lady with a blog -- e-mailed her and she wants to pick me up at our hotel and take me shopping -- ther are 3 blocks of yarn shops with stores on both sides of the street !!!!  Can you blieve that  !!! I think i will feel like i died and went to heaven!!!!Yarn heaven that is !!!
   :ooking forward to class tomorrow.
                 See you !  
                            Fondly-- Shelley

wenpen said...


I gave two crocheted scarves to a group that gives handcrafted items to children's charities in New York City.


grammyrubcic said...

How are we doing on the 60 Scarves in 60 Days?  You can let me know at grammysknots at hotmail dot com if you get a chance.  Thanks...Not sure where to donate yet as the weather yesterday was in the eighties still.  It will get cold soon.  Do we have to donate to a charity?  My friend would like to donate to several different older people that sell newspapers on the corners, regardless of the weather.  

haleyzim2 said...

This is amazing!!!!!!!!  Can't wait to get my hands on that book and hope to meet Doris at Knit Together.  MiniDee will love this!  Hope to see you soon! --Haley