Sunday, November 12, 2006

Crochet Rules!

It's a dark, rainy, gray day where everything is damp and everyone is pretty much staying indoors to stay warm and dry.  Earlier in the day though we, MiniDee and I, ventured out to attend our monthly crochet meeting.

While we were there MiniDee seemed to be in a "snuggle" kind of mood.  Just as she had when she first started learning how to crochet when she was five, she climbed onto my lap and started crocheting.  I didn't mind; I was in a "snuggle" kind of mood too.

She started with a simple chain and then inserted her hook here, went there, and then seemingly everywhere.  In a short time she had crocheted a beautiful beaded necklace for herself.  She then decided she needed to create a bracelet next and without planning or fuss, she let it happen.  It was like watching magic happen.  She had no directions and no rules to follow.  Just total freedom to do what she wanted with the yarn, waving her crochet hook around, looping, as if it were a magic wand.  It was wonderful to have her cuddled next to me; I enjoyed this precious moment with her.  Fortunately, I decided to video a little of her magic and you can enjoy it too:

Crochet Rules!

Now that we're back home she's popped a bag of popcorn and has set up the movie "Escape from Witch Mountain."  She's calling to me, "come on Mom!  Movie is about to start!  Get your crochet!" ... Let it rain.  We have warm memories to weave into our lives.  :)


randlprysock said...

I loved that show Escape from Witch Mountain and do I ever wish I had a spare moment to crochet these days.  Reading your journal help me stay in touch with my wish too though.  Hugs,

haleyzim2 said...

Thanks for cheering me up on a gloomy day (inside and out!)  and helping me remember why we Moms do what we do!  Give MiniDee a hug for me too.  Hope to see you tomorrow. --Haley

wipforever said...

I love the necklace!  MiniDee is certainly a chip of the block! :)

As for the video, I sat here dumbfounded just watching how fast she was going and about that third hand she seemed to "grow"!  hahahahahahaha!