Thursday, April 13, 2006

When Should Dreams Become Reality?

I had a most devious
dream about taking action on Arbor Day
ever since  my nephew-to-be sent me a link to
Erica's Knitting Blog where she apparently
knit a sweater for a treeA tree?  Yes, a tree!
My dream involved getting up at midnight and sneaking out to
the center of my little country town and decorating the young
trees with little crocheted sweaters -- kind of like a
Santa Claus thing but instead of delivering toys,
it'd be a
series of
yellow ones as a
that we
have many
in our
serving over seas...

I didn't do it -- yet; like I said, it was a dream.  I have until the last Friday of the month to make the decision of if I should turn my dream a reality.  How about you?  What would you think if you saw a tree with a sweater on?  Would it make a difference if it were crocheted or knitted?

See another tree sweater here.

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