Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Time Keeps on Ticking, Ticking, Ticking

I finished submitting new (local) class proposals and will post them once I receive the final OK.  So now I am in the process of proposing more designs for publication (which I always seem to find fun to do even with deadlines nearing).  As I sit here enjoying my iced tea on such a beautiful Spring day, it occurs to me that it's April.  April?  April!  We're into the fourth month of the new year!  Just how did that happen?!  I wonder where all that time went?!

And why is it, as I wonder why time has gone so fast to this point, that I seemingly can't wait for the next two months to breeze by so I can attend the Crochet Guild of America's National Conference?  How is it that waiting for the future seems to be going so slow?  LOL  It's one of those "hurry up & get here already" moments I guess.

I do know that the Regional Conference will be taking place in just barely a week from now, and although I'm not going to that one, I am excited to hear back about everyone's experiences!  If you're interested in learning about either Conference, visit
www.crochet.org for more information.  If you've never been, it's worth going -- even if it's just to shop the Vendors Market.  You can sit in the hotel lobby for a spell and meet many other fiberholics!

Speaking of visiting, I was over at
http://janeshookedoncrochet.blogspot.com/ just a bit ago and found her Delta Crochet work incredible!  (Do go and check out her beautiful work!)  Her crochet work has inspired me to sign myself up for a class while I await for July to come -- and to my surprise, I found that Hass Designs is having a class special on how to create their Star Jasmine Doily!  If you're interested in taking the class too, hurry!  The special rate is good until tomorrow, April 12th!  Hmmm, that seems to be another reference to time hurrying, huh?  Sorry.  I couldn't help that one!  :/

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