Friday, April 28, 2006

Making Progress?

I love that crochet is so portable ... you can take it nearly anywhere and create a few stitches while waiting for whatever it is that you're waiting for.   I've been working at a steady pace, designing as I go, to be able to complete my son's arm-band that he wants to wear for his upcoming First Communion.   

The downside to taking your work with you is that you're vulnerable to Murphy's Law.  That's exactly what I think happened today while at my local automotive repair center.  (I should have known Murphy would be getting his car serviced too!) 

I've seemly misplaced the cross I crocheted using the waffle weave technique that is (was?) to be the focal point of the arm band.  Four hours of thread work -- missing!  I've searched my project bag and it's not there.  I know it was; I recall showing it to someone that was interested in the technique.  But who? And where did I show it to them?  

So the lesson for today is
 If you're working on small motifs make sure you don't drop any or consider making a duplicate to show your friends! 

The picture on the right is the arm-band in progress.  I used the Delta Technique offered over at Hass Design except instead of using a six-petal flower I changed it to five.  I'm currently working on the edging using the padded crochet stitch (that's when a row of single crochet stitches is worked directly over a row of previously created single crochet stitches), coupled with 3-picots together. 

The arm-band is nowhere near ready to be blocked, but I think it's coming along pretty much the way I pictured it: packed with many types of crochet techniques while also having that religious flair needed for my son's big day.  When I'm done the piece will have about 40 hours worth of work into it.


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Anonymous said...

You learn fast!  And I love that you put the new technique into a new design.  It's gorgeous.  I have a plan to put some Delta flowers into a design, but it'll be a while, have too many things on the hooks.
Keep inspiring us with your beautiful work.