Sunday, April 9, 2006

In the Celebrity Spot Light

I always enjoy teaching, and yesterday was an echo of that sentiment. It was a rainy day -- weather which I think of as a perfect time to curl up with a good hook and ball of yarn -- and my students thought the same thing. As we were going over their projects, reading the patterns, figuring out the stitch rhythms, it was then when a pretty young woman approached us and looked right at me. I looked up and smiled at her, eyeing the fact that she had the new Interweave Knits 2006 Crochet edition tucked under her arm. "Oh," she exclaimed, "You're that woman from the Internet, aren't you?"

At this point all my students looked up.  "Yes, yes," she continued, "you are!"

Oh my!  I felt like an instant celebrity!  "Are you a crocheter," I inquired.  "Yes, and a knitter too, but crochet is my first love," she replied. 

Stitch N' Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker"Sadly, as a college student I don't have enough time to do all that I would like," she said.  I smiled.  Don't we all know the truth to that!  She pointed to her magazine and told us how happy she is that crochet fashions are becoming so hot!  "For the longest time," she said, "there was nothing!  Now I want to make everything!"  We laughed.  She asked about the Happy Hooker book, if I've seen it.  I asked her if she's seen the promotional video.  She hadn't.  So I told her to visit my blog/journal this week to get the link.  (Don't forget to listen to Debbie Stoller's interview broadcast on NPR!)

Soon after I returned to teaching my class.  I never caught the woman's name, but talking with her sure was fun!  I felt famous -- like a celebrity.  I wonder if this is how Madonna feels when she's spotted; maybe I should have asked her that in my interview with her.  LOL

Now anyone deserving to be in the celebrity spot light right now is my awesome roommate from the 2003 CGOA Conference who also happens to be the President of the New York City Crochet GuildWillena Nanton!  She's featured in the latest issue of Black Purl Magazine ... go and check out the article on her and be inspired by her crochet work!  You so rock, Willena!  Congratulations!

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