Monday, April 10, 2006

"inner warmth of goodness"

I love to take brief moments now & then to stand completely still while raising my face towards the sun to feel it's warmth upon my skin.  There's just something about those few moments that I find refreshing -- like a way to recharge my batteries with positive energy -- I'm ready to continue on with whatever I was doing, but now with an inner warmth.  (If you'd like to hum the John Denver tune, "Sunshine on my Shoulders makes me happy," while reading on, I wouldn't mind.  But be careful, the tune has a way of getting stuck in your head!)

I received one of those warming moments in the mail Friday.  At the beginning of the year I had signed up for the "Yarn of the Month" Club click onto the image if you'd like to learn the names of the yarn samples sent this month.and although delighted in the samples I have been receiving, I did not find inspiration, that moment in the sun if you will, with the knit patterns they
included. What about crochet, I'd wonder. Should I cancel my subscription, or write to them and request they include us crocheters who also subscribe? Would writing them and requesting so be too soon, after all, I am a newbie to their Club. I decided to take the wait and see approach for a few more months. I'm glad I did!

Imagine my delight when I opened the envelope for my April subscription to discover a pattern using the Tunisian Crochet technique! (Plus the
delicious samples are so "Spring-y"!)  Whoohoo!  

My excitement doesn't abound so much from the fact that it is a crochet pattern but more from the feeling of having crochet included as a fiber art form! I definitely have plans of writing them now and thanking them for this; this really brighten up my experience with their Yarn of the Month Club!**

Something else gave me that "inner warmth of goodness" feeling today; it was brought to my attention that my blog is featured on Sandi Marshall's April 3rd Newsletter entitled, What's Going On In The Crochet Blog World over at -- I'm honored; thanks Sandi!  :)

**If you're interested in joining the Yarn of the Month Club, visit and sign up.  It costs $7.75 a month to join. It's a great way to play with designer fibers without a huge financial commitment -- and sometimes you get a crochet pattern with it too!

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