Monday, April 17, 2006

Quiet Passings

 Sadly, one blogger, the one that helped inspire me most to crochet chemo hats for those with cancer, passed away yesterday.  Pamela, of "JustOneGirlsHeadNoise," is now at peace.  Pamela had a heart of gold and will be greatly missed by her family, her friends, and her regular readers; she touched so many lives!  The following is an excerpt from an entry she wrote this past November that I think demonstrates her generosity, her compassion, her love of life and desire to touch others:

"most days the patients sit chatting quietly with each another .. yesterday morning there was a woman and her husband there i had seen on several occasions .. she was always quiet, never making a fuss .. just sitting there in those sexy hospital gowns in a hat on that reminded me of Gilligan's Island

"i pulled my chaircloser to hers and inquired, polietly, about her condition .. althoughher husband tried to interject on several occasions (to save his wife the effort of breathing i suppose) i really DID want to talk to her, to her hear side of her story .. pretty soon her gracious husband "got it" and was content to sit back and listen .. then i asked if her Gilligans hat held any sentimemtal significance .. she shook her head no

"i pulled my hand crocheted chemo cap from my head (i was wearing my black and green one) and then i asked her if she'd noticed my chemo cap that was crocheted by a friend of mine .. she ran her hand over the cap, exclaimed how soft it was .. i encouraged her to put it on so we could see what it looked like.. and she looked like a queen .. a chemo cap fit for a queen .. just about that time my technician came to fetch me and i told her to keep the cap, it looks like it was made just for her and she looks beautiful

"and tomorrow i know when i see my new friend, she'll have a smile on her face and a beautiful new chemo cap on her head .. its amazing, even when you're at your sickest, just doing a little something to make you feel pretty sure does do a long way"

My deepest sympathies to your family, Pamela.   The chemo caps I crochet this year will be dedicated in your memory ~ God Bless you, Pamela Hilger!  You will always be remembered; always be celebrated for who you were, and how you touched us all!

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Anonymous said...

That is probably the most amazing story about Pamela I've ever read.  I'm still at a loss for words as to my emotions.  That story about her is one that make you say, "I want to be like her."  Truly amazing woman.  Thank you for reposting this about her.  

Hugs, Sheila

Anonymous said...

I read Pam's blog a lot  but made comments now and then! Tonight I hapen to search her archives and the exact one I read was the one where to made her a chemo cap! This is how I came to your J tonight!  I just love Pam's entries!
She sure will be missed by a lot of people! She sure was amazing !
This might sound weird BUT I wanted to say thank you for making her that cap, so she could pass it on and put a smile on anothers face!


Anonymous said...

dee, it has been some time since we communicated........and i am sorry it is under these circumstances.  what a lovely tribute to pam, a very dear woman indeed she was.  there was a quilt being started by someone in j-land to send to her while she was undergoing the chemo.  i don't quilt but felt the need to send a square and did.  i hope that whoever was going to make it still does so and sends it to her family.  your cap made not only pam happy, but others too.  thank you for the tribute to pamela.  she fought a hard battle and now she can rest.



Anonymous said...

Dee, thank you for posting this, it shows just how loving Pam was. She will be very missed...Sandi