Monday, March 13, 2006

Sharing the Excitement: What National Crochet Month is All About

Part of Celebrating National Crochet Month is in sharing what you love about crochet and passing that passion on.

I was fortunate to watch this exchange with my daughter and well known designer, Margaret Hubert.  My daughter had watched me play with the Tunisian/Entrelac technique a few weeks back and decided to create her own unique "flower" with it.  (She calls it an "earring," but it looks like a flower to me.)  In exchange of her showing Margaret how to create this "flower," Margaret in turn showed her how to create the Bullion Stitch (also known as the Rice Stitch)My daughter came home inspired and even wrote about this experience in her school journal saying, "On Sunday I attended the Crochet Meeting.  I learned how to do the fanciest stitch in crochet.  It was fun!"

In getting back to my initial thoughts,Crochet Tinkerings of a Child this is exactly what I was saying.  We should take the time -- even if it's a few moments -- to share some aspect about crochet that we love.  Just imagine the inspiration!

And here's something worth really celebrating.  Imagine the Mayor of your city declaring today as the official Crochet Day!  Now, I want you to think BIGGER!  Yeah, way bigger! Like Mayor Bloomberg proclaiming March 2006 in NYC to be New York City Crochet Guild Month!

Now that would rock, right?

Did you just feel  that?  It was the world rocking!  It happened!  The proof (the proclamation) can be seen/read here:

How fantastic!  How fantastic indeed !!

Congratulations New York City Crochet Guild!!!

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Anonymous said...

OMG, Dee~!! It really happened??  I thought you were kidding! Until I saw the pictures in picturetrail.  It really is true? Wow! I am blown away. Congratulations to all of you in the NYC Crochet Guild!