Friday, March 3, 2006

Feeding the Addiction with Inspiration

When I attended the Bead Expo last weekend I went in without a single project in mind.   I knew I wanted to crochet a new necklace, but rather walk in with a concept in mind, I went in with a blank slate.  My plan was simple, yet effective.  I'd circle around the vendors and check out their wares.  After I visit the last vendor I'd then go back to those who's beads called out to me.

Did my plan work?  Well, sort of.  I circled around and marveled at all the beautiful baubles, listening for my name to be called out: "Dee, buy me!"   When I got to the last vendor it was pure mayhem of inspirational thoughts!  I had no control; I had to have some of her bead work!  Meet Jane (pictured above on the right here).  It's all her talented fault!  LOL

We started talking about her beads, her necklace, the possibilities.  I asked if I could take her picture for my blog & she was happy to pose for me, but what you don't see in her picture above is the necklace that stopped me in my tracks.  (Later, after I returned home, I sent her an email and requested permission to use an image from her website so I could show my readers.  She said, "yes."  So readers, look to the left, and feast your eyes on the fiber & beaded necklace with a "flower bead" focal point that made my eyes widen, my heart beat faster, and filled my mind with incredible inspiration!  Oh, I salivate in the memories of seeing it in person!) 

It was one of the most beautiful necklaces I've ever seen, and so I had to treat myself to one of her beautiful "flower buttons."  After all, it was my "birthday week extravaganza and that's all the justification I needed, right?  {{grins}}

You can see the one I selected to the right.  It is filled in a colorful arrangement of blues, slight purple, pink and a hint of green/yellow.  My plan is to crochet a wire & fiber beaded necklace to show off the colors in my flower bead; a project that I know I will enjoy doing greatly!

Jane even had these little frog charms (pictured on the left) ... and nearly every crocheter knows what a frog represents! (Rip it! Rip it! Rip it!)  He holds a bead, so I selected a slightly purple one because I was, after all, still celebrating my birthday!  (The birthstone for February is Amethyst.)  Isn't he cute?  Not sure what I'll use him for ... a necklace, a bracelet perhaps ... he definitely has character!

After I left Jane's booth I went around to the other vendors picking out beads to go with the flower bead, along with a few other gems.  Every vendor inquired where I got the flower bead from.  So you know, if the vendors are inquiring, then it's a stunning piece of art work!  When I create my necklace I will post a picture of the finished piece here, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, check out my other loot from the bead expo that will eventually find it's way into my crochet work:

 If you're interested in Jane's bead work, visit her website at  Tell her Dee, the Crocheter, sent you.  :)

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