Sunday, March 5, 2006

"I'm getting a little verklempt"

It seems the closer the Spring season comes, the faster my crochet hook needs to fly!  March is quickly becoming the month of deadlines, from gifts for new babies arriving (she's due when?!!?), to an innocent request from my son for a special vest to wear to his upcoming Butterfly Mass, to creating new designs (like the one pictured to the right -- thank you Lori for modeling!) that my students and bosses are requesting.

It's also a delightful time as I learned that I have two pattern proposals accepted for publication!  Whoohoo!  I owe a huge (that's spelled H-U-G-E) thanks to
Margaret for giving me a "heads-up" on the project!  (Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!)

To try and make all these deadlines I'm going to take a brief hiatus from blogging ... a few days perhaps ... but promise to return just as soon as I can. 

If you miss reading my near-daily entries, consider checking out my archives.  There's over two years worth of entries ... if there's a specific topic you're looking for, click onto the link for my
Technorati Profile, wait for the new page to load and then type in key words for what you're looking for.   If you'd rather look at images of my work, and that of my crochet students, then visit my picturetrail albums

Improving from one of my favorite skits from the television program, "Saturday Night Live," Mike Myers, in the roll of Linda Richman on Coffee Talk:  "It makes me very emotional to leave you all for a few days.  I'm getting a little verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic: crochet.  It's not a game where you whack a ball with a mallet but it keeps getting listed that way on ebay.  There I feel better.  I feel better."  :o) 

PS:  While I'm away, don't forget to hop on over there to and get your name in for a chance to win the Grand Prize of $10,000 to create your Ultimate Craft Room!  ... that includes a whole-lotta supplies (think yarn!).  I got my name in; did you?  Visit their website for the official rules.

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Anonymous said...

 I have found that I really miss reading your blog every day:?( Please come back soon!