Sunday, March 26, 2006

Comfort Sought -- and Found -- for Nun's Work

My son awoke with an eye infection on his "big day" -- the day of his Butterfly Mass, a step closer to his First Communion. This infection did not take away any of his excitement!

When I presented him with the vest he requested he said, "Mom you're the best!  This is my most favorite thing you ever crocheted for me!"  Then he gave me the biggest hug.  I was touched that he appreciated it so much!

Because I crocheted something special for my daughter's First Holy Communion last year, he has requested I do so for him.  So next on the design table for him is his First Holy Communion Arm Band, an optional garment accessory for boys to wear.  He wants me to design & crochet an Arm Band for him using what is known as "Nun's Work," or more commonly known as "Irish Lace" -- a crochet technique mostly reserved for tiny crochet hooks and thin thread fibers.  A technique where a one inch motif can take several hours to create! 

Fortunately, I've already started on the motifs -- and have (surprisingly to me) fallen *in love * with the foam Comfort Grips now being sold as a crochet hook accessory that is placed on the handles of crochet hooks.  Because I'm a hook "roller" not a "holder" using those tiny steel hooks usually forces me to change my technique. When I do, it causes a deep (and painful) indentation in my thumb.  I didn't think the foam would make much of a difference, but what did I have to lose? I tried it & found that with the foam comfort tube on my tiny hook I can keep true to my crocheting technique and do so in comfort!  Whew! I am so delighted that I opted to try it!!  :)

I have until May to complete his Arm Band.  I'm sure it will be enough time, right? 

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Anonymous said...

Dee: Are those bear paw prints on the buttons? Way cool for a guy vest! Laura