Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Organization? What's that?

With deadlines fast approaching, so do thoughts of getting organized.  (Maybe is the upcoming new season that's making me think of Spring Cleaning?)  Regardless, the other day I found the Organize-everything website -- clearly by accident, or fate, or divine intervention -- and began the thought process of "what if."

What if I was afforded the needed space for my yarn stash?  How would I organize it?  By color?  By texture?  By fiber content?  I'm not quite sure, but in browsing around their website, it's clear that I could really use some organization! 

My current thought process is to perhaps rent a small storage unit and put up some shelves ... then use some of the colored boxes that the website offers (see their banner below?  Those are the boxes I'm referencing to).  The first time I heard one of my crochet club members mentioning that she had done this I was in shock.  That, I thought, was one lady with a serious addiction!  And now, a year later, look who's entertaining that same thought!  YIKES!!

I'm curious how many crocheters suffer from YAS (Yarn Acquisition Syndrome) and have allowed it to take over their houses?  (Guilty!)  I don't know if I'll actually go through with it, but as Spring approaches and deadlines pass, I'm sure I'll be entertaining the thought more seriously.

As I return to my work, I'd love to hear how all you all deal with your YAS.  Have you gotten to the point where bringing one more skein of yarn home will make it impossible for you to ever get out?  Have you run out of room in your house to where you're now using your automobile for storage?  Are you at the point in having such the yarn stash that your local yarn shop calls you to see if you have a particular fiber in stock?  What's your story?  I'd love to know.  :)

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