Thursday, April 14, 2005

... Teddy Bear Hugs to All ...

I realize I've been away for a few days; I've missed coming here too! 

I want to thank everyone for their kind, heartfelt condolences, and for helping me find teddy bear patterns.  I haven't settled on a pattern yet, but I think I have for the fiber ... Berroco's Chinchilla yarn.  It's got an incredible soft feel to it ... a feel of velvet and silk, but it's 100% rayon.  I think it would make for great cuddling teddy bears, don't you?

Sheila, you're just incredible in finding all those teddy bear links ... so much so, I thought in case anyone else is interested in making teddy bears I'd share the links:
  • Pattern Page
  • Free Crochet Pattern: CHENILLE Teddy Bear LITTLE BEAR
  • Grandmas Hookery -- Teddy Bear Pattern
  • Teddy The Gift Giver
  • Cuddle_Me_Bear
  • Free Crochet Design - Crochet Teddy Bear    ... Thank you Sheila!

    And Sandie of, was so sweet to offer Aunt B's teddy bear blanket pattern. It's adorable! Thank you so much, Sandie!

    Laura offered these bears: -- I've often admired them on eBay; just a delight!  Janet offered The Knitted Teddy Bear by Sandra Polley over on; and Le-Teisha offered a mother load of teddy bears with just one link:   Le-Teisha also offered the idea of placing my SIL's picture on fabric and make the kids a pillow.  I like the idea, but I'm thinking of taking it a step further ... say, placing her image on a tiny T-shirt for the bear to wear.  (Thank you for inspiring this idea, Le-Teisha!)

    So, while I'm looking at the teddy bear possibilities, I'm also thinking about color ... rather than going with the traditional browns, I was thinking of using color.  Possibly fushia for Erin, and Blue (royal maybe) for Chris.  I think that by adding color it could represent happier memories to the kids.

    Thanks everyone!  Thank you for everything!


    Anonymous said...

    You're very welcome, Dee.  I hope others can use them as well, since we discussed things to make for kids for charity.  I also hope you don't think I went overboard with links but, I was looking for things for kids not long ago and ran across all of the teddy bear patterns.  I didn't even begin to touch the surface of bear patterns out there.  I just picked the ones that I thought looked the best for what you are doing.  He/she (depending on the bear) had to be cute and look like something I'd want to snuggle with myself.  It also had to look "plump".  Can't snuggle up to a teddy stick bear.

    That was nice of Sandie to give the pattern for the teddy-ghan.  She has been featuring her animal-ghans on her journal and they are beautiful.  I'm so fortunate to have such wonderful friends in the crochet community!!!  

    And that Chinchilla yarn....that looks even more cushy than chenille!  My fingers were reaching out to the monitor just to hope to cop a feel!!!  I checked out the colors and love the pink champagne!  Seems so hard to find those colors in chenille unless you go to eBay (a wicked, wicked place!!!).

    Hugs to you, for all you do!

    Anonymous said...

    Oh yeah... brightly colored teddies!! That will definitely make them special... I hope to see pictures...