Friday, April 15, 2005

Question from Reader: Crocheting With Chinchilla

Susan writes: Hi Dee, I've been reading your blog and I see that you mentioned chinchilla. Is it hard to crochet? Thanks

Hi Susan,
Great question! The key to working with textured fibers is to have great lighting, a large hook, and a little patience. To get some practice in is a must, and for that I'd recommend using a textured fiber to trim a project for at least one row. Or you can crochet up a hair scrunchie (Click here to see Berroco's free pattern).  This way you get to discover if you like it or not.  (Be careful Now! This is how love affairs with yarn can really deepen!  LOL)

I, admittedly, have not made an entire project out of Berroco's Chinchilla, but I have used it for trims and in freeform crochet. (Maybe if I have time this weekend I'll take some pictures of my freeform work that has chinchilla in it.) In my experience in using the Chinchilla, I loved the way it felt slipping through my fingers, and how it felt being worked up. Soft, silky, and geesh, hard to stop petting. (Yes, Sheila, if you see this in a yarn shop, pet it to your hearts' content!!)  I think, based on my experience with the fiber, that I'll no trouble with it crocheting up the bears.  (Have I decided which pattern yet?  No, but I am leaning towards Lion Brands') 

Thanks for writing in, Susan! :)

Now, for a little gossip: I heard this past weekend that if you're a member of the CGOA and shop through Annie's Attic, that you can ask for a membership discount. I heard it's something like 5%-10%, and that the order must be done via the telephone. I haven't tried it, but it's worth checking into if you intend to do some shopping through them.

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Anonymous said...

LOL!  Chinchilla looks like it would be easier to work with than say, FunFur or eyelash yarn.  Is it easlier to see your stitches with it?  

Thanks for the link to the pattern.  A crocheter named Deneen also sent me a free pattern for a scrunchie that she got at WalMart.  I get to learn a new stitch with it - the TREBLE!  It uses the FunFur.