Friday, April 8, 2005

"How do you store your crochet hooks?"

I'm really enjoying having the use of my father's digital camera, and I'm delighted to finally be able to answer the question that I've seen on other journals/blogs: "How do you store your crochet hooks?"

I use mostly wooden hooks for all of my crochet projects.  I like the way they feel, and the round body on the hooks work well with the twisting & jutting technique that I use rather than the traditional knife or pencil hold.

But I also love to collect crochet hooks, so in the picture to the left, that is what you see -- some oldies, some collector hooks (can you see my "other" glass hook? It looks like a ghost because it absorbs the colors around it), and you see my beloved wooden hooks (some jeweled) made by Graydog.

The container that houses them is, I think, an old plastic hot chocolate container.  I covered it with the technique known as freeform.  There's even little "pockets" on the front & back side to allow me to insert hooks into the crocheted fabric rather than inside the container (such as my glass hook, and my ivory hooks).  This helps to protect them from rubbing against others that may be in the container.

Are those knitting needles you see?  Yes.  But they're not used too often.  They're just there to demonstrate that in my house, crochet rules!  LOL

The colorful bag you see in the picture is really a "Treasure Bag" that I extended to be able to hold my larger wooden hooks.  I use the bag to tote my hooks to class.  You can get the free pattern from my website ...  if you'd like to crochet one for yourself.  Just be sure to extend the pattern to accommodate the length of your crochet hook collection.

So, nowit's my turn to ask the question: 

                       How do YOU store your crochet hooks?

Leave me a link (via comments here or send me an email); I'd love to see!  :)


Anonymous said...

I think I will answer in a near-future entry.  Good thing I don't see those knitting needles!!!  You'd get needled about it!  Hugs from the goofy one!

Anonymous said...

I store my hook in an item I got at a local craft store. It is like a carosal with attached holders. It has a special place so I can put my coffe cup or water bottle . I can turn it around and have acces to what ever I want to use. One holder has my crochet hooks another my knitting needles a third holds pencil and pen and nail file. Love it