Monday, April 4, 2005

Honoring with Stitches

I think my head is going to swell; I am totally honored that so many would like to be able to spend a week with me on a deserted island, and that my web site is aiding someone with a major project.  Wow!

Instead of allowing that to happen, I'm going to take that honor that so many have bestowed upon me and do something positive with it.  I know many crocheters are feeling the loss of the Pope this week.  Since he was humanitarian, then I think one way we can all honor him is to crochet something and donate it to a local charity in need. 

Some ideas that come to mind: a little blanket for an animal shelter, a larger blanket for a homeless shelter.  New to crochet? Then how about a 6" X 9" square to donate to Warm Up America so that it can be added with others to create an afghan?  Crochet a layette set and donate it to a teenage mother center; or crochet cotton hotpads and towel toppers and donate it to a battered women's shelter.  There's so much that can be done, and so many in need.  And, as the item slowly takes its shape as it's being crocheted up, a prayer can be said over the item (in whatever religion practiced) to ask God to watch over the individual that receives the item.  Just think of how it can touch someone else's life for the better.

Me? I'll be doing just that.  For the rest of the week my crochet projects will all be for charity, all in honor of the Pope,  with the hope that it makes someone else's life better.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the idea Dee.  I have a horse in mind that I just met--and he could use a couple of blankets due to the conditions he is kept in.  Thank you.  I broke a bone in my handbut still can crochet for little bits at a time.
Connie in Ohio

Anonymous said...

You and I had the same kind of thoughts for entries today.  I hope you don't mind my adding Project Linus to the list.  Some local police stations distribute teddybears and blankets to innocent children they might encounter on calls (i.e., mom arrested for drugs, domestic violence calls, etc).  I read a listing for a soldier on who is stationed in Iraq.  He said, "We have plenty of snacks and entertainment, we just want reminders of home."  Talk about getting choked up!!!  Lots of good organizations out there.  I think it would be impossible to name them all.  On a local level, as you mentioned, animal shelters, women's shelters, but one might want to call their local Red Cross as they help people whose homes were destroyed by disaster.  A call to a local crochet group or church/mosque/synagogue might also yield more specific areas of need in the community.  Lots of patterns online at websites for organizations too in case someone has momentary brain dysfunction like I do.

Your entry is an excellent one, Dee.  And now I have a word for why the Pope was able to touch so many non-Catholics and non-Christians - HUMANITARIAN.  Thank you.  That's the word I was looking for.  

The sun shines bright this morning, Dee.    I think its smiling on your entry!