Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Online Musings

Last night I spent a little time visiting other journals. At one, the line from the story book Little Red Riding Hood came to mind, "My, what big eyes you have!" ... but it would be more like the character, Mike, from the movie Monsters, Inc. ... "My, what a big eye you have!" that would be more fitting for this particular blog I intend to encourage you to visit -- so, no matter which line you like best, it's still worth going over and checking out. Go ahead, don't be chicken!

And speaking of chickens, at this blog is the ultimate hat that really should be tried in crochet (we can use the popcorn stitch). I think it would, for sure!, take the humdrum out of the long winter seasons we traditionally have here in New England!

Comically speaking, you'll then  also want to go over and give Heidi's new website a visit ... check out the crochet cartoons she has featured. You'll get some great giggles & grins there (and she has very pretty stitch markers for sale too!)

If we switch over to Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, there's something amiss there ... apparently The Wicked Stitch's blog is gone. Did the tornado that hit Dorothy's farm in Kansas also take the blog? (If anyone knows what happened, please let me know)

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Anonymous said...

LOL!  The cartoons were as priceless as the hat!  Sheila