Thursday, April 7, 2005

"Flatman & Ribbon"

Yes, the title of today's entry is the answer to yesterday's riddle offered by my son.  Cute, huh? 

Now speaking of "flatman and ribbon," have you tried crocheting with flat fibers yet? It's quite a lot of fun! The widths vary, and so does the look depending upon the size hook you use. I have a sample of hairpin lace on display at the shop (I'll try & remember to get a photo of it the next time I'm there). The hairpin lace technique was used with a very wide ribbon ... for the hairpin technique itself I used a small hook ... a "G" if I recall correctly. Then I used an "N" to frame the work in all single crochets. The sample came out quite interesting if I do say so myself.

Another aspect of using flat fibers, ribbon, material, whatever you have in mind really, is to mix the mediums up. Pictured here is a class sample I worked up ... a "small" scarf in rows of double crochet. This was worked up with an "F" hook and Berroco's pink suede. (The suede is a thin, flat fiber with a hint of nappy texture.) After the initial crocheting was done, I cut wider, silkier ribbon into long strips and wove it through the stitches with a tapestry needle.  I understand that Berroco has a pattern out for this style scarf, so you might want to check with them if you're interested. Otherwise, just wing it like I did and try creating it on your own. It's quite a lot of fun.


4/08 UPDATE:  Many have asked where they might be able to locate the pattern for this scarf ... don't quote me yet, I'm still looking into it ... but I believe it can be found in Berroco's pattern book #218 called "Scarves & Shawls"; I'm currently awaiting to confirm this.

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btownknitter said...

Could give me a more detailed pattern for this.  I love this and I just purchased a hank of Trend Setters that would look awesome in this pattern you made.

((Fellow Knitter and Crochetter))