Monday, August 9, 2004


Last night, my husband and I finally watched the first Spiderman movie.  If memory serves me correct, this movie was a RAVE with all the menfolk, but I don't recall much of what women thought of it.

All I can tell you is that each time Spiderman shot webs from his wrists, is that it was an endless supply of fiber.  I don't know if in the second movie they have him married off yet or not, but if not, then they may soon have more women swooning over him than anticipated if they all start thinking like me.

Imagine being married to a man that can "spin" up your fiber for you at a moments' notice.  No need to be worried about gauge; running out; dye lot ... yeah, and that would be another thing to investigate ... how to dye those luscious webs into a wonderment of color.

Have you ever looked at a freshly spun spider web?  It glistens and shines.  Think of that for the next garment you have in mind!  (LOL)

Now this idea of using the webs to create fiber out of did not entirely come out of my mind ... the movie makers did make the Aunt into a knitter and so, well, one thought leads to another, right?


For those wondering if I went to yesterday's meeting or not, I did.  J

And a lot of it had to do with, besides the meds, Holly, who I mentioned in yesterday's post, who wrote back to me stating she took my advice! 

I took your advice and changed my Crochet Guild membership to a professional membership.

I just wanted to do cartwheels when I read that.  Then she gave me a dish of her own advice:  I think you should go to your meeting!!  It might just be the thing that will put you over the top toward feeling better.  And if it doesn' probably won't kill you.  Life is way to short to miss anything we don't have to miss.  I wish I had a crochet guild in my area.  I'm thinking of starting one but I really don't know how to go about it.

Thank you, Holly!  I took that advice and went to the meeting -- and it was a shot of happiness that really perked me up!  We had so much fun together; I'm really glad I went!

Holly is not alone in wondering about how to start a crochet group, so I think I'll address that in tomorrow's entry.  For now, I'll leave you wondering about what it would possibly be like to work with a fiber made by an insect.  Well, technically, we already do, if you think about it a bit more ... from a worm.  It's called "silk."

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