Monday, August 16, 2004

Each One Teach Two

Teaching children to be involved with fiber arts can be very rewarding, and be something that they enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Can that be said about the handheld games?  Well, maybe.  Perhaps if they opt to go into designing games for future users, or if the military needs "rapid eye-hand movement skills."  But, after the game is done, what do they have to show for their efforts?

So, to get children thinking, to get them creative, fiber arts is a great place to turn.  And many middle schools are learning that children involved with fiber arts during class, actually improve in their skills to concentrate!

The Craft Yarn Council of America ( launched a new program called "Each One Teach Two" -- where they challenge you to teach two people crochet, and they in turn teach two how to crochet.  The official URL for this campaign is -- here there's fantastic graphics and guidance to help  teach someone this fantastic art form.  (You can get there by clicking onto the graphic.)

I know the term "her" appears in the CYCA's text a lot; don't let that stop you from teaching "him" too.  There are many men that crochet -- some famous, and more that are average "Joes."  The point I'm making is that if a child is interested, regardless of gender, teach them!!

I received a fantastic email from designer Carolyn Christmas ( today with a tip for teaching children ...  if you get a group of parent & child sets, swap parents.  Let someone else's parent teach a child; this will help both the child & parent relax and make the learning process easier.  I've yet to try this tip but plan to.   (Thank you, Carolyn!!)

So, before school starts, give it some thought.  Plan on getting involved and teaching just two people how to crochet, and then urge them to teach just two people.  You can even present the two you're teaching with Certificates ... just visit the CYCA's website to download it. 

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