Saturday, August 21, 2004


I had a fantastic time teaching in Stamford today ... the Crochet Crash Course for Beginners was so much fun!  It was great to get this group of ladies comfortable with creating stitches for the first time and making them into "happy hookers."

When I got home, again my husband delighted me by handing me the mail.  Today I got the September/October 2004 issue of Piecework.  I love this magazine and devour it from cover to cover, often times going back and rereading it.  This magazine features a variety of types of needlework, and I think it's great for increasing one's knowledge about the other needlecrafts even if I don't enjoy them -- yet!

In this issue, Carol Ventura, known for Tapestry Crochet, has two features.  One is a pattern for a tapestry crochet "Cat Pillow," and the other is an article on "Tapestry Crochet around the World."  If you're not familiar with Tapestry Crochet ... this is a method of using two or three strands of yarn for a given row, working over the colors not needed at the time.  This creates a very stiff fabric which is great for baskets, bags, and other items where stiff fabric would be best suited...and it's done with the single crochet stitch.

Also in this issue are some articles of children -- "Needlework in Classrooms" and "Schoolgirl Art and Education."  I'm looking forward to reading these two articles as children and fiber arts are something that interest me strongly.

If you're interested in this magazine, the best website I've found to subscribe is at BlueMountain.  There the subscription is under $20 instead of the regular $35.  (click onto the magazine image and it will take you to the Interweave website where you can learn more about the magazine, but if you want to subscribe and save $$, be sure to click onto the Blue Mountain text you see above.)

Lastly, I'd like to thank Sheila for emailing me today with two (new-to-me) crochet Blogs/Journals to check out.  I liked them & added them to my growing list.  If you have one for me to check out and possibly add, please feel free to email me the link.   ...Hey Sheila, keep me posted on your progress with that afghan; I want to celebrate cyberly with you when it's finished! J

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Anonymous said...

Wow!  You're very welcome, Dee!  I'm glad that you are enjoying the journals!  I can't describe in words how facinated I am with crocheting and those who are "beyond beginner".  I look to you and those like you for inspiration and guidance, whether you know it or not.  I'll certainly let you know how I'm progressing and will produce photos of the finished product.  Thank you for mentioning me and again, you're welcome!  Hugs, Sheila

PS - my problem in finding these journals is that I want to make EVERYTHING!!!!