Sunday, August 1, 2004

Fiber Art Rivalry

As a passionate crocheter, I've long known about "rivalry" between us and knitters.  And I've come to the conclusion, based on my new knitting experiences, on why:

1. Knitting is ssss  llll oooo wwww.  I mean, come on already, five days into working on this scarf, and it's still not done?  If that were crocheting, it would have been done in five HOURS!

2.  Crocheters use more raw materials.  About a third more.  This means when we shop at our local yarn shops we buy more leaving less behind for the knitters.

3.  In reading Maggie Regetti's book, she says there is only two stitches in knitting, the "knit stitch" and the "purl stitch."  Oh, I think that's the root of the problem right there as there is so much more to crochet!!

4.  Knitting needles are susceptible to kidnappings.  I think this is what happened last night when I set my knitting aside to assist my husband with some DSL trouble shooting (don't ask!) ... when I came back to resume my knitting, one of the needles was missing.  I swear I think my crochet hooks banded together and kidnapped it.  I can only imagine the scenario...

     "What's your name and rank?" yells Silver Goose.
     "Mmma-my name is "Woody" and my rank is size 9" whimpers the needle.
     "Are you aware, Woody, of the grief you're giving our Ms. Dee?!" shouts JPR.
     "I swear, I don't know what you're talking about.  Whhhat did you do with my twin?" asks Woody.  "Where are you holding him?"
     It's been a long time since the boyes have seen any action, so they all gather around, they sense the questioning is just starting to get good. 
    "Our Ms. Dee has been working on a scarf for days now, why isn't it done yet?!" barks Clover.
      "It's not my ffffault, really!" replies Woody nervously, "it's Ms. Dee!  Sssshe just doesn't 'get' it!  I can sense with my twin that she really misses you guys!"
    "Is that a fact now, Woody?" replies Grafton.  Grafton looks at Susan Bates, the ring leader who gives a simple nod, upon which they start exiting the room to have a private conversation.  But before leaving the room, Grafton looks back at Woody and replies, "Don't even think about going anywhere or we'll turn the Graydogs loose!"

I hope you read this lightheartedly, as it was written, I'm still a newbie to knitting and reserve the right to change my opinion(s) ... what's this? excuse me just a minute ...

     hmmm, what's this note?

Give us each a skein of yarn, and we'll turn the needle loose.  You've got five minutes to respond before we convert him into a tunisian hook. 
                                   Signed, the Balene Battalion

Oh dear!  Wish me luck ....  J


Anonymous said...

This was so cute. I really enjoyed it. I look forward to future writings. I too decided I wanted to learn to knit instead of crochet. But I just cant get the hang of it. So I took a class in needlepoint. A stretch I know but I wanted to learn something new. But I always go back to crochet. I just love it.

Anonymous said...

and loved the little 'story'. :)
i too took up knittin..but used a different approach than you.
i spent a wk reading tons of things..all found on line..i learned how those mere 2 sts could be worked to mesh to create texture..and also how they worked w. incs/decs to make shape.

then and only then did i start actual knitting. (sometimes you have to walk before you run)

it is a tad slower...there is more to those shaping techniques than meets the eye...heck..just casting on has a list on how to..which is best for a certain project..then factor in personal prefs...yikes..

i find it a tad slower as well..but i LOVE the way we can use either to "create".
it will come..i promise. :)