Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm an (Influenced) Material Girl ...

One of the fondest memories I have of the 2003 CGOA Conference was in having Willena Nanton as my roommate. Not only is Willena an extraordinary crocheter, but she is also an avid Barbie collector. ((Recently Willena was a Guest Speaker at a HHCC Meeting.)) I thought I was a big-time fan, but certainly Willena proved she was way more into Barbie as Cinderella, crocheted costume by Dee for Mini~Dee in 2004Barbie than I was as she beautifully turns top Barbie designer fashions, such as Bryon Lars', into stunning crochet outfits she wears on the runway at Barbie Conventions.

I know I am not alone in being influenced by this "Material Girl" ... Myra, founder of the International Freeform Group, was too. (What about you? Have you ever crocheted or knitted something for Barbie? Do you have a link to a picture? If so, please post it in the comments section below.)

Naturally this has me curious -- just how many crocheters are/were influenced to crochet items for the world's most famous "Material Girl?"

... and because of her influence on so many, I'm wondering, shouldn't Barbie be made an Honorary Member of the CGOA? That would be so cool, IMHO.

You know that we are living in a material world
And I am a material girl

~Madonna; crocheter


Darlene said...

I've crocheted a few dresses for a fashion doll and used a Barbie doll, but it wasn't for Barbie per se. I know I'm a snob, but I think thread crochet only is the way to go for Barbie/fashion doll outfits. Otherwise I think the outfits look bulky. Darlene

CrochetWithDee said...

Hi Darlene,
I'm in agreement, thread crochet looks wonderful on Barbie ... but in a pinch, when a (then) 6yr old requests a dress be crocheted *instantly* for Barbie (and asks nicely), bulky will do. I am sure my 'Cinderella' outfit would look much-much better had I used thread, or at least fingering weight yarn.

Thanks for visiting! :)

Unknown said...

I was 9 years old when I received my first Barbie - the same Christmas my 8 and 6 year old sisters and 7 year old cousin received their first "material girls." I quickly learned it was more fun to crochet (or knit or sew) clothes and sell them to the other girls for a nickel each. I could blame Barbie for MY materialness. Think I can explain away my "YAS" syndrome buy saying it's Barbie's fault?

CrochetWithDee said...

Blame Barbie for our YAS ...
genius! Sheer genius! Whahahahahah!

Thank you for visiting,

Sara said...

I've done one Barbie dress in thread crochet. Red dress, it looked hot! My Grandma used to knit Barbie outfits for her. I think if I hunted really hard, I could find one or two of them in my stuff. Love the Barbie crochet patterns.