Monday, June 29, 2009

Button Junction, what's your function?

The CGOA Conference is just six -- SIX -- weeks away!! Wow!! There is so much to do to prepare! I know the time will fly! Perhaps you saw my 'tweet' yesterday about a project I'm working on -- a sweater for me to wear while at the Conference...

I worked on the last sleeve last night and in looking at it this morning I see I have some ripping to do -- it's larger than the first sleeve. What this means is that although my stitch count was correct, my gauge/tension went wonkie. What was I watching while crocheting? Ghost Busters. I was laughing so much that it totally threw my gauge off. It happens.

I also discovered yesterday that my button collection is not as vast as I'd like for it to be. I had filed in the back of my mind the perfect closures for the sweater ... only I had misfiled that information in my brain. It shouldn't have been filed in the "button" category, but rather the "jewelry." What this means is that I'll be hunting for the perfect closures for this garment.

Why is it important to have the perfect buttons/closures? Because they make a statement. This is why many people who understand this concept replace buttons on store-bought garments -- and have been doing so for eons.

Personally, I like to think of the garment as a sentence with the buttons/closures as the punctuation. If I want my "sentence" to be tame, I'll pick out plain buttons that will not call attention to themselves. If I want it to be a question, I'll pick out buttons that ask, "What WAS she thinking?" ... and if I want it to make a declaration ... then the buttons/closure must convey that. And that is the message I'm looking for this latest project on my hook; a closure that will compliment the crochet work while also accentuating it. And so the hunt is on!!

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Sara said...

Can't wait to see the finished project! The hunt for the perfect button takes time. I agree with your assessment.