Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Still Searching for my Mummy

My local library has been working with me in trying to locate a PBS Nova episode about a recent mummy discovery, if memory serves me correctly, in Peru.  It was sometime in the 2001-2002 timeframe that I had clicked onto my local PBS station and found myself listening to the program; absorbed in this find as I worked on one of my projects.  They had removed the mummy from a high mountain cave and, again going by memory, they brought her to a safe location where another female scientist involved in this mummy's study, started discussing the fabric this female mummy was wrapped in -- and she said the key word that perked my ears and my head right up: CROCHET! 

By the time I was able to locate pen & paper, the program was over.  I have since written to my PBS station many times, requesting their assistance in figuring out the exact name of that Nova special, but never received an answer.

And so, it's my wonderful local library that has helping me in trying to find it.  Yesterday they called me; they received an intra~library loan of a Nova episode called "Ice Mummies: Siberian Ice Maiden."  We watched it last night.

Although it's not the one I'm looking for, it was very interesting.  What I liked was that this woman, approximately at the age of 25 upon her death, was a woman of power and wealth, which was very rare for that time period.  And, unlike any other mummies found before her, everything with her was immaculate!  Including her clothes, which were amazing to see!  I even learned a little something about silkworms, domestic verses wild, which tells the scientists a little about her life.  If you like this kind of archaeological stuff, then I recommend you visit your local library and request this show too.

In the meantime, I'll continue my search for that other mummy.  Once I find her, I'm hoping to be able to contact the scientist and see if there's more to that mummy's crochet.  If herclothing/wrap was crocheted, this will add serious credence that crochet is more than just 200+ years old.


wipforever said...

Have you tried searching the internet for the episode or for information from other sources about the mummy, Dee?  I seem to recall something in the news recently about a mummy and something about her clothing.  I can't, for certain, say that they talked about crochet, but I remember they talked alot about her clothing.

Let us know what you find out!


crochetwithdee said...

Hi Sheila,
Yes, I've been combing the Internet, but haven't found it yet.

I think the news you're talking about is the Siberian Ice Maiden because finding all of her artifacts in tact is considered to be one of the most important finds in modern times!  Even the dye used in the Ice Maiden's clothing is as vivid, they say, as they day they laid her to rest.  Her horse saddle, as soft as perhaps the last day she used it.  Amazing really.

I'll keep searching.
~Dee said...

I think the one you're talking about was a younger girl, in her mid teens at the outside. Was the Ice Maiden zapped by lightning? I think this newer mummy was. Did you try searching the National Geographic site? This sounds so familar, but I could be confusing the two different mummies.

fibersbytracie said...

Have you tried going straight to the site?  You should be able to click on Programs -> Nova and find listings of all the episodes.

Just because it was first aired in 01-02 doesn't mean it hasn't been repackaged and would actually be listed as a newer episode.  :)

And yeah, I worked for a PBS station for about 6 years, so I know all about trying to find programming.  :)

crochetwithdee said...

Hi Tracie,
Yes, I tried searching the PBS website at the time, and ever since, with still no luck.  I do recall it being one of their episodes of NOVA, so I had thought, with the aid of my local library, that I will request they find me every mummy episode they can get their hands on.  

I'll keep check on the PBS site; I've always hoped they'd reair it.

crochetwithdee said...

I'm not familiar with a teen-girl mummy that had been struck my lightening; this must be another new find.  Interesting.

sandiept said...

How about  Secrets of the Pharaohs: Unwrapping the Mummy? I have not seen it but found it in a search.