Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Coming Full Circle

It has always fascinated me how life comes full circle, no matter what the topic, the location, the event.  It always completes itself.

Take last summer when I attended the National Crochet Conference.  My family and I drove to New Hampshire.  While they were experiencing the local life, I was attending Professional Day, and later attending various classes.  So, if I were to start drawing my circle, it would start at my home, where I would then draw a straight line up to Manchester.  Then I'd grab my protractor and start drawing that circle-of-life counter-clockwise slowly (because we have to allow for "time" to catch up to my thoughts of life being a full circle).

So, there I was, at the Conference, more specifically there I was attending one of the "break out" sessions of Professional Day.  (The "break out" sessions are where you can go and sit with various people "in the know" about specific information you would like more information on.)  At that moment, I wanted to learn a bit more from Lily Chin.  So did a few other people.  We got to chatting prior to the start of the session and I snapped this picture of two new authors (see image on left):

It had always been my intention to go back and see if I missed reporting anything from the Conference, but you know how things get ... life throws you speed bumps and detours, and soon you're on to new projects and topics.

By now, time is starting to catch up with my protractor as it starts curving near Pawling, NY.  It seems that one of the lovely ladies in the picture here is practically one of Margaret Hubert's neighbors, something that they too have recently discovered.  Margaret sent me an email a few weeks back asking if she can bring a guest to our monthly CGOA Chapter meeting.  Oh, we LOVE guests!!

And so she did, just as my protractor's curve neared Danbury, Connecticut.  Margaret brought with her Phyllis Sanford, who turns out to be one of the very authors from the book, "
Crochet Kid Stuff" I had snapped a picture of last summer! Phyllis Sanford autographing a book for Hava at the HHCC monthly meeting. In the aforementioned picture, Phyllis is sitting on the right, Sharon Mann, the other co-author, is sitting on the left. 

In talking with Margaret and Phyllis I made the connection that I had met Phillis (and Sharon) before -- at the Conference!  It took me a few minutes in thinking about when & where, but finally it all clicked together.  I was so excited!  ((In the picture here on the right, Phyllis is autographing one of her books for a fellow HHCC member.))

Come this summer we'll all be headed back to Manchester -- and the circle will be completed.  Life, full circles, indeed!  :)

For more details about our February monthly CGOA Chapter meeting, you can read entries at Priscilla's, Margaret's, and Nancy's blogs.  The really cool news here, is that Phyllis is now one of our Chapter Members.  How cool is that!?!

For more details about the Crochet Guild of America's National Conference, visit
www.crochet.org and/or www.KnitandCrochetShow.com.   And yes, it is true!!  The reason I was ʎoɾ ɥʇıʍ ƃuıddılɟ the other day is because I have been selected to be one of the teachers this year.  It's a dream come true, and yet another example of life coming full circle. 


Anonymous said...

Its amazing how many circles there are in one's life, Dee!  I wonder if that's why the Olympic symbol is interconnected circles!  My hooded scarf looks pretty good on her, don't it?  {VBG}  

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your selection as a teacher at the Crochet Conference!  Do you know what you will be teaching?  It really sounds like a great learning experience, I think I will research attending further.  Thanks for all of your crochet inspiration!  I really appreciate it...