Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Santa arrived last night

This morning I feel as if I were an excited child awaking on Christmas Day to find Santa had brought lots of pretty packaged goodies.  Only my Santa was Mr. Dee, and what he brought was a brand new desktop to replace the one that died a few weeks back.

It's a HP Pavilion Desktop a6330f ... and with tons of memory and a flat screen monitor, I can't wait to start playing with it!  My only reservation is that it comes with Windows Vista, and all the programs I've come to love using all work on the XP format.  Mr. Dee said he'll look into inserting my old drive so I can choose which format I want, so I'm hoping it works -- it would mean I would have the best of both worlds (formats) -- with the ability to print!  (It's been driving me crazy not having access to the printer!)

In the meantime Mini~Dee and I have been discussing design ideas for what WE can possibly create for her to wear on the runway this summer when we attend the CGOA's summer conference.  I'm saying WE because I think it's time she unveils just how creative she can be with her crochet stitches.  For this joint project WE'll be using some of the Bernat Soy yarn I purchased a few days back.  I am so looking forward to working on this project with her.  The first thing we're going to do (while awaiting for the new desktop to be hooked up) is to create a sloper for her -- now that I know what one is! {VBG} That will make the project much more tangible for us both to work on together!  :)

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Anonymous said...

I also got an HP Pavillion entertainment laptop for Christmas. A replacement from a 5 year old Dell.  I love it!!  Vista works fine. What I had to get used to is the new Word Program  I am sure you will love it too! Best of Luck.