Friday, February 23, 2007

What to pack, what to pack???!

When you go away for a few days one must seriously consider what to pack -- and this means to foresee any and all possibilities for items that would be needed for all occasions be it casual or black tie.  You grab the largest luggage you own, lay it upon your bed and then start filling it with the top choices from hundreds, possibly thousands, of selections.

I'll need cotton, red perhaps, for when crocheting in the hotel room.  A beautiful ribbon for crocheting during waiting periods in the hotel lobby.  Whispy white angora while awaiting for appetizers to be served.  Of course the crochet hooks would need to be matched to the occasion as well, saving the jeweled beauties for those times when bling-bling would be the most appreciated and admired.

And so that is how it was when I packed for a few days away as part of my Birthday Week Extravaganza!  (Did you miss me?)  I think I packed at least half of my yarn stash -- had we gone on a three-hour tour on the SS Minow with the Skipper and his fearless crew, I'm sure I would have had enough yarn to crochet an SOS flag large enough to be seen from Space!  heh heh heh

Thankfully the *Dee crew* understands my yarn obsession and didn't mind schlepping all this yarn with us -- even if it was just to go across the state line!

I have lots of details to share, but for now I have unpacking to do and more stitches to get in.  And with three days left of the Birthday Week Extravaganza, I'm guessing I should set aside some time to repack at least one bag with various fibers and hooks, you know -- just in case we decide to head out again for some more partying!

I think everyone should get a week, like me, to celebrate their birthday!  :)

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Anonymous said...

Hope your birthday was wonderful.  I've always believed in celebrating birthdays for at least a week!