Saturday, February 10, 2007

Call me Crazy ~ I'm now "Cookin' With Crisco!"

At the end of January I wrote about the difficulties I had in selecting the right fiber for a project for my Aunt's 80th birthday; the entry was called Call me Crazy and I really felt that way at the time because I couldn't find the yarn I wanted to use.

When I finally settled on a pretty chenille, I then had to select which crazy stitch I wanted to use, and then the proper crochet hook.

I thought I was all set.  Only I was finding the project going slow (it's not one that is easy to tote since it is attached to 20 pounds of chenille!); and I had vowed to work at least two rows every night.  This way, by taking tiny steps, I figure it would ease the boredom (a rare feeling for me when I'm crocheting!) and put me two rows closer each night to deciding upon which border I'll eventually use.

Oh don't get me wrong here, I am loving the results -- including the fact that I changed how the Crazy Stitch is done:

*The crazy stitch is worked with a series of 3 chains, 3 double crochets and a slip stitch to the next ch-3 space.  I decided to make the stitch "pop" a bit (giving a bit of texture), by working it up as a series of 3 chains, 2 double crochets, and an incomplete double crochet that is then attached to the next ch-3 space during the last yarn over, totally eliminating the need for the slip stitch (thus giving that "pop" effect).
My problem was that the project was just working up too slowly; when you're used to quick results, that is something that can drive one crazy, or worse, cause the abandonment of the project altogether.  I had those thoughts in my mind -- you know, abandoning it. That is, until last night. 

Last night I finally reached the width of the project; 21 hours worth of stitching that started in one corner!  I was happily able to crank out eight rows worth of stitches last night and now have 8" towards my 6' of height.  As the time passed, I kept taking a moment to lookat it's growth and touch the softness.  I still have a lot of time, stitches really, to go, but I'm glad I didn't abandon this project.  I think, in the long end, I'll be glad I stuck it through.  :)

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