Monday, February 5, 2007

Ewephoric No More?

Last April I attended my first Ewephoric Weekend sponsored by the Wool Connection store located in Avon, Connecticut. Outside of the Wool Connection's store. I had a blast, met up with a bunch of people who adore fiber as much as I do, and took two crochet classes.  It was like a mini-conference with all the fun. 

I want that Ewephoric feeling/experience again!  So I have it clearly marked on my calendar to attend this year; possibly even {{gasp!}} taking a knitting class (I'm still looking for inspiration to keep my needles working on that scarf) I'm like a kid in a candy store awaiting the latest delivery of chocolate: every week checking their website, checking their blog, waiting for the class selection/date announcement. 

So imagine that gut wrenching, jaw dropping horror feeling I got when I read an email from a fellow HHCC'er stating that she received word they're closing.  Yep. Going out of business.  Her email was followed by another pretty much stating the same thing.  I sent an email to them asking (pleading really) that they say this isn't so.  (There's no news of this posted on their website or blog yet.)  They haven't responded yet.   I'm at least keeping my crochet hooks & knitting needles crossed there will be at least one more Ewephoric Weekend to experience ...

Note: Pictures featured today were taken while attending the Ewephoric Weekend last year.
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