Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Blog Entry by Mini~Dee

Dear Readers,
My Mom isn't feeling well today so I get to write in her blog today. We have a 90 minute school delay today because of the snow. We were hoping to have the whole day off because we're in the middle of building a snow fort. We made a snowman too. He has a huge icicle for a nose.

 I have long hair and am really glad my Mom has crocheted me a bunch of different hats to help keep me warm. The ones I like best (similar to the one pictured here that she made for my
school fundraiser) have holes in them were I can push my ponytails through. I don't like having my ponytails flattened against my head, so this works out great! Thanks Mom! She said once she is feeling better she will teach me how to crochet in circles so I can create my own hats. Maybe I'll make one that will have two ponytail holes! 

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Anonymous said...

Hi MiniDee,  Great to hear from you.  Tell your mom I hope she is feeling better soon.  I can't wait to watch your creativity soar once you learn to crochet in the round - the possibilities are endless!!!  Enjoy!  Have a great day - Haley (Mom's friend from Stamford)