Saturday, January 21, 2006

Thank Yous

I'm on the road to recovery from this "very impressive upper repository infection" (so says my Doctor.  And while I'm mentioning him, let me ask this question.  Why is it that when you have great pains just swallowing liquids that they prescribe medication more fitting for a T-Rex?  Gag!!)  But I'm being good, taking the antibiotics, taking it easy.  All the "Get Well" emails have been wonderful!  Thank You!  I will be back on my feet in no time, and more importantly -- back to crocheting!  :)

A Thank You to my crochet students, and my bosses! -- having to cancel my classes this week was sad.  But your understanding & Well Wishes were greatly appreciated!  I am aiming to resume classes on Tuesday, so please hang tight!  We'll be having fun classes again in no time!

I'd also like to thank everyone who voted over there at the Best of the Blogs -- especially for those votes in the knitting/craft category.  Although the voting was shut down early (visit the website for details on why), I am thankful for being a contender, and for all the support from my readers.  Right now the various blogs are being evaluated for content and that will mix in with points awarded by your votes.  So it's a "Wait & See" until they announce who the winner is.  Again, I'd like to thank you for voting, be that it was for me or for another that you enjoyed.  (To see the final vote count for the knitting/craft category, click here or onto the BOB graphic.)

Lastly, I'd like to thank Sheila for sending me this video link of some men having fun -- getting caught up in the joy of stitching (01/29/06 Update: Reuters has since removed the aforementioned video link).  I will admit that the piece is focused on knitting, but I think it's also more important to mention that it is good to see men enjoying the fiber arts.  More should do so!  And while you're watching the clip, don't forget to check out what the store has in it's front window; I'm sure you'll smile too.

With that, I salute you all with my crochet hook in hand.  I am thankful to have you all in my fantastic fiber world!  :)

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Anonymous said...

"...medications more fitting for a T-Rex?"....hmmm, sounds like the 750 mg. Levaquin pills I'm taking for that procedure I had a couple of Thursday's ago.  Levaquin is good for respiratory stuff and is most often prescribed for pneumonia in hospitals.  Just an FYI ;)!  But, regardless, if you're getting better, then that is what counts!

I'm shocked at the BoB voting.  I know when I tried to vote, it told me that I had already voted.  I don't understand how that could have happened unless it left some kind of cookie on my computer when you were nominated.  Anyhow, my best of wishes to you in the final tallies!  You definitely deserve the win, as I've never seen a crochet journal like yours before.  You not only talk about projects you might be working on but you talk about what is happening in the world of crochet in general.  

My mother and I were talking about the knitting news piece this morning.  :)  Unfortunately, I asked DH last night if he wanted to learn how to crochet and in response, I got an emphatic, "NO!"  I'm going to keep working on him!  LOL!

Take care, get well!