Monday, January 16, 2006


It is hard to crochet when your fingers are frozen, and this is the case here at CrochetWithDee land.  We lost power yesterday afternoon when a neighbors tree, loaded with frozen rain, came crashing down during the high winds.  A fireman banged on my window yesterday and stated we're not to leave the house as "There's 15 thousand volts of live electricity by your front door!"  Yikes!!

Unfortunately many thousands of other Connecticut residents suffered the same fate.  And even though the power company worked through the night restoring power for many, people like us here are still without power this morning. 

The temperature last night was 5 degrees not including wind chill. To conserve heat we closed off the rooms in the house and camped out in the living room; a generator provided power to a little portable heater.  We had fun spending time together; the children and I even spent some time last night detangling yarn by candle light! 

This morning it's still quite cold here and there is no word on when power will be back.  Do I sound like I'm whining?  I am and I think I'm entitled.  After all, I'm no
Laura Ingalls Wilder -- and although I'm a huge fan of all her books, I wasn't "built" to live like a real frontier woman.  I'm sure if I set my mind to it I could do it, but then where would I plug my laptop into for recharging?  How would I be able to surf for patterns, get the latest crochet news, chat with all my cyber friends, and be able to update my blog?  Now, that I see as a problem!  \

To generate more heat, I'll be leaving the candles on the CrochetWithDee Blog Birthday Cake burning until tomorrow.  This means for those that are still interested in entering the jingle contest -- you still have time!

In the meantime I'm off to find a crochet pattern for fingerless gloves while I still have battery power for the laptop ...


Anonymous said...

I hope you are able to get your power back on soon!  This thing with "no heat" is NOT fun!!!  (just don't be burning the wooden hooks for heat!).  Prayers to you and your family!  Sheila

Anonymous said...

Oh Dee, that's awful.  I don't know about CT but here in MA I could hear the wind howling last night.  I'll keep you and your family in prayer.  It's time like these that your husband should appreciate your yarn stash.  Look your keeping the children busy, the yarn provide warmth.....there are so many reasons to having a stash and this is one of them.  Try to stay warm.  Le-Teisha

Anonymous said...

Hey Dee:  I escaped the power problem but had downed tree limbs very close to me roof and car.  Hope you're staying warm today and hope to see you tomorrow am for a great new year of hooking.  Congrats on your second publishing.  Love, Lori