Friday, January 7, 2005

Question from Reader: Tunisian vs. Double Ended

Dee - Is a double ended crochet hook used for Tunisian crochet? If so, I think my sister is doing this. Was strange to see a crochet hook with a hook on both ends!!!

Hi Sheila,
What a great question! :)

Yes, a double ended crochet hook can be used for Tunisian crochet, but take note that the technique and the end results differ slightly.

One of the webpages I have been working on has recently been discussed on the CGOA Professionals Group; that page is the
Types of Crochet which currently has some 70 types of crochet listed. Designer Darla J. Fanton took a look at it and offered the following information:

I thought I might mention a couple of things that I noticed in regard to crocheting with double-ended hooks. Cro-hook is a trademark of the Boye company and Crochenit is a trademark of Mary Middleton (currently under license to Annie's Attic, I believe). The only thing different with Crochenit is the size of the hook. Mary developed the special plastic hook with the red and green stoppers to go with her publications back in the 1970's. The same stitches used in Cro-hook or Crochet on The Double and the same turning of the work is used in Crochenit.

The term Crochet on the Double came about when I designed the first projects in the technique for the Needlecraft Shop and they wanted a special term they could trade mark. I joking tell my students if I had $1 for every time I have been asked the difference between Cro-hook, Crochet on The Double, and Crochenit I could retire. The answer is there is no difference other than marketing and trademarks and the fact the Crochenit hook only comes in one size. If anybody ever asks you about "double hook" that is a generic term I have started using just because it is shorter than saying double-ended crochet hook and since I work with all the companies that own the trademarked names I don't have to worry about upsetting any of them by inadvertently using the "wrong" name at the wrong time. I thought you might find these little tidbits of information interesting.

...And boy, Darla, do I! Thank you!!

With that said, Sheila, crocheting with a double ended hook usually means that you're crocheting with two skeins of yarn at a time. This produces a fabric that has one color dominate on one side, and another dominate on the other. Give
Marlo's Corner a visit to see some images of crocheting with a double ended hook. You can also visit the official crochenit website that Darla mentioned.

Of course, to stretch your crocheting dollars, if you don't want to invest in both types of hooks, you can try using an eraser.  The eraser placed over one of the double hooks' end will act as a stopper.

I hope this helps to clarify.

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Anonymous said...

Well, at the moment, it kind of answers my question.  I guess I need to investigate a little more before it entirely makes sense.  However, I do appreciate your time in answering.  I'll comment back here again when the lightbulb goes off and I say, "OHHHH, NOW I get it!!!"  Thanks!  Sheila