Wednesday, January 12, 2005

OH NO! It's stealing!

I can understand wanting to share a pattern with a friend. I can understand wanting to share a pattern with the world. But unless you own the copyright to the pattern, you can't. It's against the law unless you do it legally.  (this means that you either have permission from the copyright holder, or that you are the copyright holder.)

I found a blog yesterday, another journal, that posts patterns. Not having a lot of time to really investigate it, I added it to my list of Crochet Journals I enjoy visiting, and planned to visit it again. Having a bit of time on my hands, I did so tonight.  I scrolled down into the Journal entries, and the further down I got the more my mouth dropped open.  (Oh NO!)

The blog is clearly in copyright violation. No where does it state that the owner has legal permission to repost these patterns. So, because I don't want to be one to help break the law, I immediately removed the blog from my journal listings. And the worst part, the blog is up for a vote for favorite on the web. If you go to view the listing of journals/blogs I visit, you can see where I removed it. It now states "LINK REMOVED: COPYRIGHT VIOLATOR." (No, I will not state the name of the blog in this entry as I do not want to send it any traffic.)

My point in bringing this up, is that if you really like a pattern, post a link to the website.

           If you really like a pattern, post a link to the book it's from.

           If you really like a pattern, buy one for your friend.

           If you really like a pattern, shout it out to the world -- BUT BE SAFE! DON'T POST THE PATTERN! ...even if it is a FREEBIE!

If you do post a copyrighted pattern without permission, rather than it's source, it's stealing.  Get caught you'll be digging deep; $helling out big bucks for damages. And that doesn't even cover your lawyer's fees. Want to learn more about Copyright? Then check out this webpage I put together: Protect Yourself: Learn About Copyrights

If you cannot afford to purchase patterns, there are lots of free ones on the Internet -- and at your local library. 


Anonymous said...

Excellent advice, Dee and really goes for just about anything one finds on the internet (short stories, articles, photographs, graphics, etc.).  Most websites offer a "contact me" link so that the site owner can be emailed.  It doesn't take long to send a message to the owner asking for permission to use the pattern.  Worst they can say is "No, I don't want you to use it" but if that happens, people should respect the owner's wishes.  Sheila

Anonymous said...

Thank you for continuing to talk about copyright, Dee! It is something that needs very much to be discussed. I just recently saw this blog too, and was only shocked at the posting of patterns, but also astounded that it had made it to the finalists group!  I see the patterns are gone from it now.