Monday, January 3, 2005

Bethel Crochet Class Schedule

Today has been a bit stressful -- from my son getting sick in my automobile, to discovering that my PDA went completely dead and losing all my data.  Add to this that an order arrived and was missing components, and that AOL/Hometown are giving me grief making it impossible to update my Class page.  ARG!  I certainly will be practicing my New Year Resolution later this evening!  J

In the meantime, to solve the need to post the Class Schedule for those that are interested, I'll place it here until I can get it moved to an official webpage.  If you're interested in taking any of these classes, please contact the store called
                          A STITCH IN TIME  @ 203-748-1002:

Tunisian Crochet
     Thursday, January 27: 
     10 AM -- Noon  
You've seen them hanging there on the rack, or perhaps they're sitting there among your crochet hook collection: it's that long crochet hook.  What is it used for?  How is it used?  In this class students will learn the technique known as Tunisian Crochet, also known as the Afghan Stitch.  This technique creates a most beautiful fabric that's perfect for adding your Cross Stitch passion to.
Level:  Beginner/Intermediate
Supplies:  Tunisian Crochet Hook (size G, H, or I works best); 4 ply yarn
Cost:  $25

BYOP:  Bring Your Own Project
      Thursdays: January 27, February 10, or March 3
      12:15 PM -- 2:15 PM    
Come for one hour or come for two.  Bring in that pattern you need help deciphering, or that crochet project that has become your nemesis.  Sign up for this class to get the help you're looking for while also learning tips and tricks to make your crocheting hobby easier.
Level:  beginner/intermediate/advanced
Supplies: bring your own project/pattern
Cost:  $15 1-hour; $25 2-hours

Absolute Beginner
     Thursdays: February 3, February 17, or March 3:
        10 AM -- Noon 

Have you tried to learn how to crochet from a book and just don't get it?  Has it been awhile and you need a refresher?  This class was designed with you, the beginner, in mind.  In this class you will learn the slip knot, the chain, and the single crochet, the importance of turning chains, how to add on a new skein, and how to properly end off.  Come, be inspired, and learn the fastest growing needlework in America!
Level:  absolute beginner/beginner
Supplies: 4-ply yarn (light color); crochet hook size G-H-or I, any book/magazine with beginner stitch diagrams
Cost:  $25

Valentine Roses
     Thursday, February 3
       12:15 PM -- 2:15 PM 

Look at the latest fashion magazines and you'll see that romance is in the air.  Flowers are everywhere!  In this class participants will learn to create two different types of roses that you can add to your crochet -- or knit -- work.  Wouldn't it be fun to crochet beautiful roses to pass out to your friends and family for Valentine's Day? 
Level:  Beginner/Intermediate
Supplies:  Crochet Hook (size G, H, or I works best); 4 ply yarn
Cost:  $25

Joinings & Edgings
     Thursday, February 10  
     10 AM -- Noon
Have you been crocheting a zillion granny squares until the time has come to assemble them?  Have you worked up the pieces for a sweater and not sure how to put the pieces together?  Does your work seem to be missing that final touch?   If so, then this class is for you.  In this class you'll learn the proper techniques used for sewing and crocheting your work together, along with discussion of how you can finish your work with a simple edging to pull it all together.
Level:  Beginner/Intermediate/advanced
Supplies:  project to be assembled, or 4 - 8 squares to practice on; Crochet Hook (size G, H, or I works best, or hook used for project); 4 ply yarn; tapestry needle
Cost:  $25

Modular Poncho
Thursday, February 17 AND Thursday, March 10
       12:15 PM -- 2:15 PM
Session  1 of 2
:  In the first session of this workshop participants will select various types of fibers to use in designing their own unique poncho based upon personality traits and fashion trends.  If you ever wanted to create an item that gets the "WOW's" then this is it!  Homework will be assigned to continue on to the second session.

Session 2 of 2:  In the second session of this workshop participants will bring in their completed homework assignment and work on assembling their ponchos and adding the final touches.  If you're not signed up for this class, you may want to stop in the store for an impromptu fashion show as students will surely be admiring each others works of art! 
Level:  beginner/intermediate/advanced
Supplies: variety of crochet hooks, the larger the better; up to 10 types of yarn; tapestry needle; pen or pencil for note taking; tape measurer; yarn pins/markers
Cost:  $50

Thursday, March 10
10 AM -- Noon

It doesn't have to be just luck for the Irish!  Shamrocks can also be used to add more flair to your needlework!  In this class participants will learn the trick of crocheting the shamrock motif that can be used to wear alone, such as on a pin, or to be sewn onto a garment, or used to adorn a scrapbook page or gift. 
Level:  beginner/intermediate/advanced
Supplies: white or green 4-ply yarn, tapestry needle, size G-H or I hook
Cost:  $25

For classes in the Stamford area, please visit the website


astaryth said...

<sniffle> Wish I lived close enough to take a couple of your classes... <sigh> I guess I'll just have to do distance learning thru your journal <g>

smartspid36 said...

Hi Dee - Sorry to hear about your stressful day.  I'm looking forward to getting back to class in January, just not sure what I should sign up for yet.  Hope you had a great New Year and I'll see you soon probably at Knit Together.

Your crazy student, Lori (with the unfinished poncho)

shooser1 said...

I sooooo wish I lived closer!!!!  Sheila