Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy Cro-tastic New Year!!

Can you believe it?  Today is the start of a brand New Year -- and, in just a few short weeks, it will also be the official 10th Anniversary of my blogging (mostly) about crochet.  TEN YEARS!!!  What a milestone!!  The yarn, the hooks, and the projects!  The classes, conferences, and sheep & wool festivals!  Wow!!

To celebrate, I'll be awarding one lucky reader a one-year membership to the Crochet Guild of America: a year of opportunity, possibilities, and discoveries!  I've been a member since 2001, and I can tell you I have enjoyed every moment of it. ... So, not only is it my blogiversary, but the CGOA will be celebrating their 20th ANNIVERSARY!!  What an exciting year this is going to be!!!  :)

For those interested in helping me celebrate and want a chance to win the CGOA Membership, the rules are posted below.  Please note one entry per person, and the drawing for the 1-year membership is open to everyone of adult age.  (If you're not sure if your country is open to the CGOA Membership, you can contact the CGOA to inquire prior to entering.) 

>>>  EDITED 2/1/14: GIVEAWAY is now CLOSED.  Winner TBA in future blog post.  <<<
The Rules:
1.  Dive into my blog archives and find a post that you like.  An easy way to find a topic that might interest you is by utilizing the "search" option in the upper left-hand corner. You can search for a technique, a hook, a project, a yarn, a book review, famous crocheters and more!
2. Once you've found on you like, right-click onto the title, click onto "properties" and grab the address to that post.
3. Come back here and leave a comment stating "This is a post I liked: (insert the post address by right-clicking again and pasting the post address)."

Example: one of my favorites from my archives is

If you comment on why you liked the post, then you will get two chances of winnng the membership.
4. Leave a way for me to be able to contact you should you be the winner.  If I can't reach you, I'll have to pick someone else.
5. Note that this is for the CGOA Membership, and is not exchangeable for actual cash.
6. Yes, even if you're already a CGOA Member, you can participate. Should you win, it will be more like a Renewal.

Good luck, happy post hunting, and may your New Year be Cro-tastic!  :)


Faith said...

Dee, I just became a member in the last few months, and am eager to see what unfolds. This is a great opportunity, and good luck to all the entrants.

byhooks4u said...

Ok I suck at this cut and paste thing, but one of my favorite post is from 2011..unsung talk about the hook, but what really stuck with me was the lady who lost her grandma's hook. I can relate to her and it so warmed my heart. ok How do I become a member of CGOA? email me at would love for you to visit my blog

helen said...

This is a post I liked:

I'm ALWAYS up for some tips on photography for a blog - one of my resolutions for the year is to improve that for myself and for my shops/blog/pages, etc. :) Great tips there! And what a wonderful giveaway, thanks for the opportunity!! :D I can be reached at coboscloset@gmail... congrats on 10 years of crochet blogging! THAT'S INCREDIBLE!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find my favorite, the post that first "hooked" me on your blog, which was a photo of the snowy trees around you and reminded me of my old neighborhood in CT. Thinking of you and the big blizzard today. Hope you are OK!
BUT my second favorite was the first of a series of posts about how you and your helpers crocheted 30 shawls in a really short time for your daughter's school production of Fiddler on the Roof. Awesome!

Marilyn S. said...

This is the post I liked:
I liked it because I hadn't realized there was a "flap" about the Ravelympics name & the Olympic committee and I enjoyed your taking their logic apart at the seams! (sorry it wasn't more of a crochet post!)

............. said...

Sorry I know this will be a long comment!

This is my Fav becasue touches on a special memory for me,

Many years ago, 2008, I spent about 9 months in Spokane, but I was from Los Angeles. I was there over the Winter so I saw snow for the first time since I was a kid. A friend who lived about 100 miles outside of Spokane invited me to spend Christmas with her family on her farm. She had no running water, no electricity, cooked on a wood burning stove, and her closest neighbor was 2 miles away.
There was a major storm while I was there and I ended up stranded with them for 2 weeks until a plow was able to clear the highway and one of her friends could get through to drive me back into town.

I packed some yarn and crochet hooks to use while I spent time out there. Her Daughters, 8 and 13 asked me to teach them to crochet, but with limited lighting inside, I really had to dig around to find an extra hook for them, Meanwhile as I was searching, the 13 yo went outside in the snow, grabbed a stick and carved herself a crochet hook, and then painted it with nail polish! All before i even found a spare.

I have to say it was the most amazing Christmas I ever had, and I was so impressed with her girls, I can't think of any kids in LA who would be so resourceful!

BoricuaCrochet said...

I like the following post:

It would be interesting if both hooks get to see a rematch together. It intrigues me how the selection of one over the other was made.

Ditsy Mae said...

I LOVED this post:

I have a friend that recently started carving crochet hooks. He has been experimenting with various types of wood and this post make me think of his endeavors. I have a few of the hooks my friend has made and they are my favorite hooks by far. The part about him making the first hooks for his sister from a branch off their childhood ranch was heartwarming! Thank you for sharing your crochet world with us and I look forward to seeing more of your posts.

Best Wishes,
Christina J. Snellgrove

Unknown said...

Hi Dee!~
I had fun cruising through the archives looking for my favorite post :) Great idea!
My favorite is
It seems our husbands share a similar theory when it comes to our crochet...they love us and are happy to put that smile on our faces, even if it means becoming involved in all sorts of yarnie madness.
TracyAnn said...

Thank you to all who have made the last ten years so cro-special for me! I'm looking forward to new yarnie adventures and inspiration!

To those who participated, thank you for sharing with me the posts you thought were special; I enjoyed revisiting the memories. :)

At this time, this giveaway is officially closed. No further entries for this 1-year CGOA Membership will be accepted. Winner To Be Announced.