Friday, January 10, 2014

Book Review: Crochet Wraps Every Which Way

"Crochet Wraps Every Which Way" by
Tammy Hildebrand
Title: Crochet Wraps Every Which Way
Author: Tammy Hildebrand
Year Published: 2014; printed in USA

Dee's Rating: 9.5 Hooks out of 10

Tammy writes in her book Introduction:

"Is there anything more versatile than a wrap?  One of the most long-lived garment designs in existence, a wrap can be anything from a light, lacy shawlette, to a thick, cozy poncho, to a huge, intricate, jaw-droppingly gorgeous lace shawl."

She is so right! And the timing of her new book couldn't have been better, especially with the Bridal, Prom and Graduation seasons right around the corner! What could be better than wearing a hand-crafted shawl to such occasions? :)

Tammy's "Aqua Marine" from her new book,
"Crochet Wraps Every Which Way"
© 2014 by Stackpole Books. Used with permission

In this hot-off-the-press book, Tammy offers 18 original patterns, which includes 6 crochet techniques that range from traditional crochet to double-ended crochet.  The project Skill Levels rotate from easy, to intermediate, to experienced. This means there are six patterns offered with each of these 3 skill levels -- offering something for everyone to try!  Thinking inline with Tammy again, I do not agree with judging a pattern by the Skill Level as it could discourage a crocheter from trying something new: as long as you are proficient with the basics of crocheting, and diligent in counting and using stitch markers when needed, then you are ready to crochet up one of her beautiful wraps!

And I know this first hand -- as I type this book review, I already have her "Aqua Marine" wrap fresh off of the blocking board! Not only did this project work up super quick, but I also found Tammy's instructions easy to understand - and adapt! (Hey, she does say in her Introduction to "Have fun, experiment.")

My version of Tammy's "Aqua Marine" pattern
worked up as "Amethyst."
There are no symbol charts offered, but as I already stated, I found her written instructions easy to follow.  The only reason this book lost "half a hook" in my rating is due to some of the photography being blurry -- I am not sure if it is just my book (perhaps a printing mishap?*).  I do want to state that the images in question that I found to be blurry do not distract from the quality of the projects being offered: meaning I'd still want to add this book to my private crochet library!

* ETA: In an email exchange with the publisher, they report that the images look fine in their copies of the book.  So perhaps the issue is only with my copy.  

Want to see more photos of patterns offered in this book?  Visit Stackpole’s Look Book here.  Want to get to know Tammy? Follow her on Facebook here.  My Amethyst project details can be found here.

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