Saturday, January 4, 2014

A "How To" - Peacock Garment Closure

Create your own pretty "Peacock Garment Closure"
If you are anything like me, you yarn shop AND shop for buttons, tassels, and beads too.  But not necessarily at the SAME time, or with a project aways in mind.

Sometimes inspiration hits. We go stash diving, find the perfect yarn and pattern combo and then begin happily stitching away. Then, once the project is done, we consider "the closure..."

So we head to the stash of buttons to find we do indeed have the perfect button, but then realize the project lacks button holes!  What to do? What to do!

An easy fix! We create a "Peacock Garment Closure."  Which is very pretty indeed!

You will need:
1 large button (the pretty one)
1 smaller button (used as a stabilizer)
2 pretty tassels, beaded ones optional
a sewing needle.

1. Sew the pretty button on the front of the project, with the smaller (stabilizer) button on the backside with the project "sandwiched" in the middle.
2. On the other front side of the project, sew the tops of the two tassels together so that they can dangle freely.

To use:
1. Take one tassel and loop over the button.
2. Take the other tassel and loop around the button in the opposite direction.

Now not only do you have a super pretty closure, but also more inspiration to enhance your button, bead and tassel stashes.  :)

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